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Category: Performance Management Tool
Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


Team - $139 per month

Business - $549 per month

Professional - $1095 per month


Category: Performance Management Tool
Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


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AG5 reviews

Fantastic from the initial scoping to the implementation, i was given good guidance as to what was required to implement, and the support was easy even in a remote world.

- Jason D.

It really helps us to have an overlook about our skills and helps us to plan trainings.

- Andreas L.

"Skills management solution that exceeds expectations" What do you like best about AG5 Skills Management Software? Perfect blend of functionality (build out of skills and data entry) and usability (display of data for management and end users) Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about AG5 Skills Management Software? Nothing to mention here, AG5 is working well for us Review collected by and hosted on What problems is AG5 Skills Management Software solving and how is that benefiting you? For years we have struggled to build/find/implement a skills management solution that is readily adopted and has staying power - AG5 is becoming that solution

- Russell B.

PeopleGoal reviews

We have been using PeopleGoal for over a year as both a vehicle to manage employee performance evaluation and as a mechanism to track Strategic Plan performance through Balanced Scorecards. PeopleGoal has provided our university with unparalleled access to performance data that is seamlessly merged at both the individual contributor as well as departmental scale. We can now view our performance data across multiple dimensions and can drill up or down into our associated data. This functionality provides insights into areas of strength and challenge that have previously not been available. PeopleGoal was very simple to implement and is intuitive to use. The company's responsiveness to requests, customizations and enhancements has been unparalleled...we have never been told to 'wait until the next release'; 99% of the time our requests are accommodated with immediate effect. We chose PeopleGoal after an extensive search of software solutions, and it was the clear choice in terms of functionality and price point. The incredible customer service has been an unexpected, but highly appreciated, bonus!

- Heather F.

Provides multiple options for goals (okr's, kpi's etc) Provides 2 levels of view - direct manager and overall manager Ability to write dept wise goals Can take prints across time Ability to save review drafts

- Leena K.

The ability to hold our employees accountable to goals, work performance, and values in a paperless and online state.

- Kevin C.

Pros & cons


allows different people
Engineering and the individual so see different views of their skill set so we use all of their sell able skills
Low maintenance
AG5 update and maintain the DB so you can just focus on the content
and they are always looking to improve the software in the last 3 months alone we have seen 3 major new features
Easy implementation
we have over 5000 skills as we are a consultancy
it took us less than a week to get up and running
very easy to get to grips with

In the beginning, the program sometimes crashed
There are many things linked to each other, it is important to be / become well versed in this
 UI and apps not the very latest.


I was looking for a review software and stumbled upon this software
I loved how customizable it was, yet so directly focused on employee improvement
I suggest People Goal to almost every friend doing business bigger than we do
It allows us to closely monitor the challanges while also the strengths of our human resource and their activities."

We faced one little problem in the configuration of our Annual Review model
No guidelines for first time users - should have provided prompts/ pop-up messages on next steps."“Can't make too many custom changes which are needed for smaller orgs”

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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