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Minitab Engage

Category: Project Management Tool

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Most popular feedback for Agantty

After quitting the paid version from ClickUp, I found Agannty. I used it to delineate every academic article I was beginning to write. I use the tool to visualize, in a single view, how many months were devoted to reading, how many to drafting, and to specify when was the deadline to submit it. Agannty allowed me to combine the view of my whole research pipeline: when an article was about to be finished when another one could be initiated. In this sense, it was an excellent tool to plan the long run, a whole year, for example.

Alberto N G.

About Agantty

Agantty is everything that most project management tools are not. Sexy, simple and effective. All those things were important to us and we missed them in most of the solutions we found out there. As we are usually a web agency, we were always looking for a really nice project management tool, which is low in cost to get some structure in our chaotic daily nerd business. We were looking for such a solution for so long, that we thought why not just built it and share it with the world?

Most popular feedback for Minitab Engage

It is essential to our lean initiatives. Prior to Companion we managed everything on Microsoft Excel and was tedious with users who are less versed in the office suite. As an administrator I am able to quickly train subordinates and delegate tasks shortly after with a minimal learning curve as the software is extremely user friendly.

Joel D.

About Minitab Engage

Companion by Minitab is the only solution to blend customizable Continuous Improvement tools, centralized data retention, and maintenance, with real-time dashboarding. Whether it is to enhance process improvement through increased visibility, oversight and governance, or to optimize products and services through the use of best-class tools, Companion provides everything you need to make your Continuous Improvement projects more visible, effective and profitable.

Agantty reviews

Very agile project managment but still lacking some features

- Mario P. Head of Business Development

Projects management, team collaboration, optimizing processes inside different teams.

- Katia Z. Digital Marketing

Sometimes it works slowly than usual which is not very good when you are in a harry and need the information right away

- Lilia B. Sales Manager

Minitab Engage reviews

We are required to use minitab to get our PCAP projects approved. I was not sure how to do this but Rumbi was very helpful to me in learning how to use this program.

- Catherine A. Assistant Nurse Manager

The software was user friendly and easy to implement. We were able to Manage and track progress of a project effectively.

- Annamalai M. Director of Quality

It would be good to gave more tutorials that are accessible / free training courses to use it optimally.

- Jessica T. QC Analyst

Pros & cons


It's amazing that this tool is free to use
It looks great and is easily understandable
I'ts also a powerfull toll to have a good time scheduling
The jokes inside of the application are also really funny
Depending on your team, Agantty might be a perfect fit for you- Would highly recommend trying it out
Flexibility is essential when dealing with Gantt charts
And, most notably for an individual user like me, it was the only free tool I could find."
Some funktions are uneasy to realize ( for e
just copy existing milestones & tasks)
Due to the fact that Agantty is geared towards basic to intermediate complex projects, there are some features missing
There are no apps for iOS and Android yet
I miss a connection to my calendar
Com web page is annoying
The software is relatively new and due to this reason some bugs can be experienced."

Minitab Engage

Overall the experience has been great
It was a tool that i had been looking for for some time
I love the available tools and templates available for each project type
It's ease with managing an improvement project
Quality companion desktop feature and workflow system is awesome
It helps us in streamlining our DMAIC process."
At this point nothing is coming up to dislike about the software
Lack of windows integration
Trying to figure out how to use Teams to manage department and Companion to manage projects simultaneously
Sometimes a new update will break the system and prevent opening projects
Annoying when it has to go through company IT
It was very difficult to maneuver around and understand how to find things."

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