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Category: Task Management Tool

Industries: Education, Communication, Business, Marketing



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Category: Task Management Tool

Industries: Education, Business






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Most popular feedback for Aha!

Great tool for product managers to interact with Engineering and other stakeholders across the organization. The feasibility of integration with other tools makes it more powerful. Undoubtedly, eliminates the use of multiple excel sheets and coordination efforts with the team as the data is live and easily visible to the management.

Isha K.

About Aha!

The team that is on hand to help is brilliant. Whomever you speak to, they always know the answer. With a tool that has this much to offer in terms of functionality, it's a really positive thing that support is on hand. It's a pretty intuitive tool and it really helps people change the way they think about products, projects and delivery (in my experience). The mock-up feature is great - takes some getting used to for someone that's never done mock-ups before but it's very handy. Being able to present stuff and have people view certain elements on a web link is useful too.

Most popular feedback for Venngage

This program has SO many templates to choose from. I've been using it for almost two years, and I have yet not to find what I'm looking for. I have to use media tools for my job but have no graphic design skills whatsoever. It was also great because my company is a small non-profit, and we received a 50% discount on the annual price for each employee.

Nicole H.

About Venngage

Venngage is an information design platform that provides a range of b2b specific templates, to facilitate communicating complex information within and outside of your organization, easily and without a designer. Venngage’s product provides engaging visual materials to add to your learning and development curriculum, which in turn assist in keeping your organization aware of important decisions and processes. Venngage’s product assists in transforming data insights to create engaging and powerful visual content/research documents to establish thought leadership in b2b space. Venngage also provides useful external communications templates to help share your company’s story with prospective clients and buyers. If you have a complicated solution that you’re offering, and need an easier way to communicate your business’s value proposition, Venngage’s infographic templates will ensure they understand your offerings. Venngage is a great place to create and organize important visual assets for your organization, such as reports, organizational structure and information, onboarding guides and materials, research documents and white papers and more. You can differentiate yourself from other companies by using data-driven storytelling to inspire your organization and clients to understand highly technical information in a visual format. Join over 500 teams and organizations using Venngage every day to streamline their communications and engage their teams and audiences. Transform your brand’s messaging and content from highly technical and confusing jargon, into visually engaging and compelling informational graphics. Keep your distributed teams connected and aligned with better corporate communications. See why businesses like Wal-Mart, AstraZeneca, Facebook, GoodLife, consider Venngage a crucial tool in keeping their organizations productive, aligned and engaged.

Aha! reviews

Aha! lets you input information at a lot of different levels, from high-level goals to individual tasks. These items can be connected and visualized to see how they relate to each other and the goals of the organization. The capacity/demand tracking and reporting are invaluable. Aha! is designed to clearly show how a team's work is related to their business goals/outcomes. Their knowledge base is detailed and I've received excellent support anytime I reach out with questions.

- Daniela I. Telemedicine Content & Learning Specialist

It's a great tool for product managers to interact with Engineering and other stakeholders across the organization. The feasibility of integration with other tools makes it more powerful. Undoubtedly, eliminates the use of multiple excel sheets and coordination efforts with the team as the data is live and easily visible to the management.

- Isha K. Manager Product Management

Aha! has been easy to set up and integrate with Jira to support our end-to-end product solutions. It was also very easy to set up SSO integration.

- Lamar H. Corporate IT Director

Venngage reviews

Venngage is an all in one tool for creating visual content like: 1. Infographics 2. Presentations 3. Timelines and much more

- Debbie K. Co Founder

Finally, we have a tool designed for an armature to create appealing graphics. The interactive UI of the platform makes it very easy for anyone to use this tool. With tons of templates and excellent graphics, Venngage clearly stands apart from its competitors.

- Narayan S. CMO

There were several colorful templates organized by topic—definitely a good product for attention-grabbing cover pages and graphics.

- Anna K. Project Consultant

Pros & cons


I like that the tool supports a standard methodology and discipline that is critical for the success of PM Teams
We have also had a good response on a couple of key feature requests which I was impressed by given our modest account size
Other nice features include the ability to organize the suggestions/requests, combine similar items, organize them - and the users get to vote on what others have posted
My overall experience with AHA has been outstanding
It shows that the team developing this product has a deep understanding of what their customers are trying to accomplish."
Often I'll need to completely refresh the page before I see my changes in the UI so it makes things a bit slower to use
Some what features or functions are missing that one would think were basic
The learning curve is steep compared to You track
Schedules epics activities development tasks todos and several other features can be hard to distinguish and somewhat confusing
But it's not exactly intuitive
You have to mess around and make quite a few mistakes before it really begins to make sense."


I have created some really great infographics to share with the Twitterverse and they have been very well received
I've been able to create several how-to documents for internal clients and it's amazing (to me even) how quick the process can be and how professional they look
Found Venngage to be brilliant the few times I've used it in a content marketing capacity
Really fast and easy to produce professional presentations
I used the free trial version and I am really happy with the product and plan to buy it sometime next month."
There's something about the interface that frustrates me, and I cannot put my finger on it
I find myself not finding exactly what I want/need, or getting frustrated with the UI pathways
Everyone complains about not being able to do certain things unless you pay for the software, but you get what you pay for
I really don't have any cons
The templates can be difficult to maneuver when changing colors and could use more fonts
Two of us wanted to work on ONE document ONCE
For which, it eventually turns out, you both have to pay for the business subscription."

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