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Category: Task Management
Industries: Business, Education



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Alarmy reviews

Love the app, last time I tried it it went off randomly even though it wasn't set for that time, so I deleted it, but I think it was my phones problem. I'm mostly making this review to give an idea for one of the challenges. I doubt this will actually happen but I have been wanting a alarm that makes you solve a rubik's cube. No apps have it so my last hope is to just give the idea to somebody incase they like it. Thanks!

- Corvix

Alarm suddenly didn't go off and claimed that I had force closed the app. Doesn't even give me an option to force close the app so I don't know what it's talking about but it made me late for work. Also no option to actually dismiss alarms or pause them for when you're driving or otherwise in a very unsafe situation to be doing the required tasks to turn off an alarm.

- Madison McMillan

Subscription for premium features is a great idea. I would definitely be willing to pay the subscription if it wasn't so expensive for the content it unlocks (i.e. step, squat, or typing "mission," the "alarm power-ups" to include: backup sound, time pressure, and label reminder, and "wake-up check"). All excellent features. I would particularly like to use the wake-up check, but not enough to spend $5/month!! I would be okay spending $1 or $2 per month but $5 seems overpriced.

- Nick Berg

Mint reviews

This app has access to all your personal accounts, but also connects to your tax information through turbotax, so if you are interested in that it is a good app. The biggest frustration is that there is no yearly budget for one-time things like car repairs and travel. It would be nice if they created separate budgets for those that are not monthly.

- nlboise

Nice features, but inconsistent. Rules are nice--except name and category are required, so dept. stores & the like always have to be adjusted. Doesn't work half the time anyway, so I spend a lot of time editing. It alerts of bills months in advance, which makes it hard to keep track of what's actually due *now*. It often fails to recognize recurring bills, and has weird behavior with custom entry bills and counts them twice sometimes. Overall, decent app, but needs improvements.

- Doran

I used to love and recommend this app, but the redesign a while back really made a mess of things, made it frustrating and more cumbersome to use, and they still haven't fixed that or other failings. And of course they don't make it easy to disconnect their tracking of all your financial accounts! I've quit using it, but took one more peak, and it's still a train wreck. Now I'm just trying to get them to let go of my account info, and not having much success so far. Really disappointing!

- Troy Austian

Pros & cons


The app is completely free
It offers the innovative way to be woken up as it won't stop until you have taken an image
Easy to use interface.

Can't force close
Limited free version
Limited alarm tone choices


Link all of your financial accounts in one place
Allows you to set up notifications and alerts
Free credit score access

Connectivity issues with financial accounts
No joint accounts

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