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Aldiko Next

Category: Apps for Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities

Industries: Pupils, Children, Teachers, People with dyslexia

Easy Dyslexia & Dysgraphia Aid

Category: Apps for Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities

Industries: Pupils, Children, Teachers, People with dyslexia


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"Speechify is absolutely brilliant. Growing up with dyslexia this would have made a big difference. I’m so glad to have it today."

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Most popular feedback for Aldiko Next

I have been a long time user of Aldiko, but today I got hit by the new version. The interface is awful and lots of features I use are gone! It is impossible to read the words on the setting screen - it's superimposed over the book text. I can't change the font and background colours anymore. The sliding brightness control is gone. The ability to switch from day to night is also gone. Smooth page transitions are gone. Now when I turn a page I'm not sure if it worked or not so I sometimes press again only to find I'm two pages ahead. Library has no "recently read" or last added sort functions. All in all a massive fail with the new version. I just hope I can go back to the earlier version without losing my library and history!

Bob MacDonald

About Aldiko Next

Users of the Android ebook reader Aldiko Book Reader may view any text file in EPUB or PDF format as well as books that have been encrypted by Adobe. The application's user-friendly interface makes it simple to alter any reading-related setting, including font style, color, backdrop, line-spacing, and any other element that can obstruct your reading. Aldiko Book Reader is more than just a reader; it will catalog the ebooks on your device and provide you access to many other features in the goal of administrative simplicity. For example, you may view the covers of the books, rearrange their order, and more. Aldiko Book Reader also has a built-in dictionary that works similarly to Kindle's and the ability to search for words within text. We've found Aldiko Book Reader to be one of the top Android ebook reading apps. It is convenient, cozy, and cost-free.

Most popular feedback for Easy Dyslexia & Dysgraphia Aid

Children today look for help almost instinctively to their iPads, tablets or smart phones. This new Easy Spelling App from Australian developer, Nuapp Productions, is designed for both the iPhone and iPad, and is simple to use, while being extremely sophisticated in what it offers. Pupils merely touch a large picture of a microphone and say the word or short phrase he or she needs to spell. They then press the word ‘Done’ and the word comes on the screen correctly spelt in the hand writing style of their, or their teacher’s choice in both capital letters and lower case. The style can be set in advance and will stay that way until changed. The handwriting choices are, Two UK styles are Jarman and UK Cursive, and two Australian styles, Victoria modern cursive, and New South Wales foundation manuscript. Then USA D’nealian manuscript. The international appeal of this app is exceptional as it supports 19 languages, including UK, American and Australian accents. My friends and family who are multilingual have tested French, German, Russian, Dutch, Italian and Japanese, and found that the speech recognition and the written spelt results are amazingly accurate. All this for the download price of £2.29 UK! This is an unusual piece of software that really does what it claims. Even the most Luddite IT-hating teacher would have to admit the usefulness of this little teaching aid. Once downloaded, no further purchases are required. Updates will arrive automatically. The app has been designed mainly for children between the ages of 6 to 12, but anyone of any age who feels shaky about their spelling would love this. The GB App Store web page is: GB App Sto

Christopher Jarman

About Easy Dyslexia & Dysgraphia Aid

Using the "OpenDyslexic" typeface and color overlays, Easy Dyslexia Aid assists with spelling and literacy. This is an excellent application and addition to the market for assistive technology since it can benefit dyslexic students who have specific cognitive challenges by making it simpler to process specific types of information. It is guaranteed that students with particular issues can use the program right away because there are no pointless "options" pages. Having problems reading is the main symptom of dyslexia. Even speaking can be impacted, in addition to writing and spelling. Dysgraphic children may have difficulty organizing their thoughts on paper, with their handwriting, or with both of these tasks. Both inside and outside the classroom, Easy Dyslexia Aid can help with both of these issues and is a very helpful partner. An easy-to-use UI in clear blue greets you when you first launch the application. Above a circular mic symbol, the message "Touch mike & talk" is printed. The icon asks you to "Talk" when you touch it. After speaking your input, the program will process it and display it using the OpenDyslexic typeface after you hit the "Done" button. In order to reinforce the line of text and show direction, this font's letters have hefty weighted bottoms. This design makes it easier to identify the proper letter and, on occasion, prevents the brain from rotating it. For the benefit of users with dyslexia and to increase readability, the OpenDyslexic typeface is presented with a choice of 8 color overlays. This feature's settings can be modified, and they are accessible from the home screen as well. Additionally, you have the option to disable speech output in the Settings, toggle between different languages, and display both upper- and lowercase letters. The voice synthesis technology is of the highest caliber; the audio output is crystal clear, and the voice recognition program is unmatched. Asking for spelling assistance may be an unpleasant experience, especially in the classroom, for many kids with dyslexia or dysgraphia. This app enables uninterrupted thinking while also promoting greater freedom in the classroom. For all schools with students who have dyslexia or dysgraphia, Easy Dyslexia Aid is a straightforward and user-friendly program that is essential. Aims for Learning: Intellectual Growth Ability to Communicate Knowledge of organization and productivity A Life Skill Mental Processes Self-Direction Ages: Preschool/Kindergarten (3-5 Years) Lower/Middle School (5-11 Years) Higher Education (11-18 Years) 18 years of age or older, college or university Little ones can use Easy Dyslexia Aid. No in-app purchases or advertisements are present, and vulgarity is blocked.

Aldiko Next reviews

something's wrong with it. I don't know what happened, but after a while of not using it, I opened the app, and every time I press the 'my books' button, the whole app just freezes, and then stops working. it's very annoying, and the only reason i'm not going back to aldiko classic is because of the free annotations/highlight feature, which i've grown quite fond of. please fix this. edit: i've also seen i'm not the only one with this issue, so that's reassuring.

- Lorven Ranielle

not surprused they updated this for their online store. it's not accessible and people are having a hard time accessing and adjusting especially when these features and updates are not made once in a while. it was made in one go and you expect your users to get used to that and adapt to it in one night? where is the scrollbar where you can jump from one page to another. where is the right alignment. this sucks so bad. do better. and im not surprised many people are complaining.

- Therese Liu

I really tried to get used to this but the overall experience was really bad. Forcing everyone to 'upgrade' to this version when the Classic version works well was a dirty move. There isn't even a define option and tapping to turn the pages just pulls up the options.

- Yhannie Cerilla

Easy Dyslexia & Dysgraphia Aid reviews

This paid education app is an excellent way to teach kids independence with spelling, especially if they are apt to frequently ask adults the question, “How do you spell ____?” For those who speak multiple languages or are learning a new language, the translation feature in Easy Spellling Air + Translator & Dyslexia Support is certainly a helpful resource. Also users can display sentences and phrases with specific fonts and on a lined paper background, which is helpful for those learning the writing process. Kids with dyslexia will benefit from the option to see content that’s in a font and background color that might make academic work easier to complete instead of using traditional pencil and paper…

- Keri Wilmot

I love that Easy Spelling Aid is easy to use, and allows students to work independently. The product gets kids excited about spelling, and provides a quick and easy solution for a prevalent problem. This app can lessen frustration, allowing kids to focus on content, knowing they will easily be able to check any unknown words. I love the ability to switch between print and cursive, and the option to have the words displayed on lines. This app is a perfect complement to any homeschooling curriculum.


The app makes spelling super fast and easy, and is especially helpful for children who are in special needs education. I can see this app being useful for students practicing their spelling words


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