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Category: Project Management Tool

Industries: Productivity, Marketing


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Category: Project Management Tool

Industries: Marketing, Productivity


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Most popular feedback for Aptien

I had the opportunity to use the application Onesoft Connect during the implementation of business telesale campaign for the registration and management of customers, opportunities, contacts, including activities that recorded the individual members of the team that implemented the campaign. I'd like to put my statement that the application is for dealing with this type of task absolutely gorgeous. I appreciate the simplicity and intuitiveness. I particularly liked the possibility of assigning tasks and sharing them. Excellent is also the price for one team member / month plus the number of licenses can dynamically change during months. I recommend to all who need to implement CRM, and do not want to solve it even within their IT department or they have not yet IT.

Radek R.

About Aptien

Easy to use solution helps you organize the tracking and servicing of your assets such as buildings, equipment, and machines. Simplify your day-to-day maintenance processes from one environment. Manage onboarding, employee information, assets, contract, projects, tasks, meeting minutes from one environment. Say goodbye to your messy documents, spreadsheets or apps. Aptien match your business just like LEGO!

Most popular feedback for Proteus

Our experiences with Proteus has been excellent, they approached us with an exciting piece of software that has cut large portions of our costs and improved our workflows. Highly recommend!

Jack M.

About Proteus

Use Proteus to write flawless and consistent proposals for your clients faster. Built by project experts for companies in large capital investment sectors, Proteus brings winning business, resource management, project management, collaboration, project financials, and business intelligence into one integrated solution. Stay in control of your sales process and projections with dashboards and reporting tools, and win more business by tracking and monitoring all your new client opportunities.

Aptien reviews

Aptien definitely increases the efficiency of the relationship between our team members in a significant way.

- Aziz K. Data Engineer

Yes, finally simple and flexible solution. I can adjust it as simple as spreadsheet. Use it mostly for communication within the project team, task management and the collaboration with our customers. Love it for simplicity and clarity.

- Howard T.

Option to dump my data from app, just for my personal backup. Some companies have this rule in their security regulation.

- Martin R. Information Technology and Services

Proteus reviews

The team very much find the system an advantage to are ongoing operations. The support function if and when required is only a phone call or teams call away. The Proteus team were also able to customise the system as and when required to suit how are business operates in the market

- Barry P. Managing Director

Overall experience with Proteus is superb. Easy/simple/straight forward to use and the amount of man hours it has saved myself and other members in my team, it has paid our Contractor back within first 2 weeks of having it.

- Camryn M. Commissiong and Start-Up Operations

Although integrated with a wide range of open APIs, broader integrations would be helpful.

- Ben L. Director

Pros & cons


Super flexible and effective project management application
In the application we have conducted a complete CRM, which is shared by the whole team and we have a perfect overview of the activities that we perform to our customers
I rate as an application that is truly suited for practical use, and it got itself in this respect sufficiently proven
Apart from the above there is a wide possibility of further recovery
Simplicity, uniformity and clarity of the environment."
Other use is in personal or risk management
OneSoft contains a set of templates for several areas, it is also possible to create any empty datasheet
Forget about using different services to keep track of your workflows, OneSoft can do all that for you, complete with watchdogs and notifications
Option to dump my data from app, just for my personal backup
Some companies have this rule in their security regulation
At any moment you can see who, when, what with whom discussed
There is also a well-covered area of evidence of risk, whether the implemented contracts or projects in their own business."


Easy/simple/straight forward to use and the amount of man hours it has saved myself and other members in my team, it has paid our Contractor back within first 2 weeks of having it
Simple and Easy to use with Superb Power Functionality
Flow of workload mapped out with ease that all staff can use
Proteus, can transform how you work
And helps manage your business
Great Software, i loved the MArketplace functionality and also using Proteus OS."
I have still not found a feature that I don't like
There was nothing so far that this product is missing
Microsoft sharepoint made it more difficult to integrate some tasks although this was not the software's fault it was the overly complicated way sharepoint s admin rights work."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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