Avaya OneCloud CPaaS vs Braina Pro

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Avaya OneCloud CPaaS

Category: Text to Speech

Industries: Education, Communication, Manufacturing, Finance


Pay-as-you-go pricing

Braina Pro

Category: Text to Speech

Industries: Artificial intelligence, Human-computer interaction, Robotics, Natural Language Processing, Text to speech


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Most popular feedback for Avaya OneCloud CPaaS

I appreciated the quality of the software and ease of use I wish that I was able to easily troubleshoot the software when unexpected problems happened

About Avaya OneCloud CPaaS

Avaya OneCloud CPaaS (formerly Zang Cloud) enables the development of communication apps that provide IVR and automatic speech recognition, text-to-speech, SMS, or phone calls, as well as the application of effects to communications (e.g. voice changer).

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Most popular feedback for Braina Pro

The highlight is that the AI behind the voice recognition is very strong, and with little effort, it is possible to get a dictation system that achieves high accuracy. Not spending more time fixing mistakes than dictating certainly makes this a practical solution for a person that needs to get lots of ideas or content down quickly.

Mark Pickavance

About Braina Pro

Speech recognition software that supports multiple languages and can be used to fill out forms on websites or in any other third-party program. In addition to dictation, Braina has voice command tools that let you perform a variety of tasks like web searching, opening documents, programs, and webpages, finding information, setting reminders, taking notes, and much more. You may increase your productivity both personally and professionally by using your voice to dictate text to your Windows PC and automate procedures. Ideal For Thousands of companies and professionals in more than 180 countries use Braina to voice control a computer and convert speech to text.

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Avaya OneCloud CPaaS reviews

One of the most successful modifications From support department and unified communication features to app design and integration, it can fulfill a wide range of modern professional needs.

- Manikandan V. Associate

Features and user-friendly options. Could explore more than expectation

- Sumanth T. Team Lead

I like how compact and simple it is to use Avaya. The app is not in your face and taking up a large portion of your screen, which allows you to multi-task more easily.

- Nathan H. Customer Service Training Specialist

Braina Pro reviews

I would say that Braina is a revolutionary tool and the virtual personal assistant that will change whatever ideas you had about Artificial Intelligence before."

- - Francisco Martínez, Senior Editor at Informer Technologies

On account of its highly skilled performance in recognizing our voice commands and performing the requested actions, we mark the Braina with a full score of five ratings stars. Its whole array of functions makes it stand in a class of its own as an intelligent application"

- - Free Downloads Center Editor

Braina is a lightweight and smart application that can assist you when browsing through local folders, searching for files, quickly finding synonyms or performing calculi. You can also call for its help when navigating the Internet, for identifying information, songs, movies, news articles and many more."

- - Elizabeta Virlan (Software Reviewer at Softpedia)

Pros & cons

Avaya OneCloud CPaaS

Wide range of products and services to suit any business
Easily integrate voice and messaging into your applications and customer journey
Support is difficult to access

Braina Pro

Speech recognition is better than Dragon
Also useful as a Cortana alternative."
"Understands my speech without being nit-picky
Is more affordable (and better) than some similar popular software."
"Using this software was a wonderful experience
In addition to being very easy when installing it on."
"You can change the response voice
That is literally the only good thing I can pull from this product."
Could not get it to work and no customer support
You can dictate long sentences to Braina and the text it copies to the application does not include everything you said."
"It stops recognizing any command input the moment it goes "inactive" once
It goes inactive after receiving no voice commands after 30 seconds."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.

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