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Category: Website Design Tool
Industries: Marketing, Business, Education, Communication


Solo - $15 per month

Team - $22 per month


Category: Website Design Tool
Industries: Social Media, Business, Marketing, Education


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Business plan


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Avocode reviews

In our company, we struggled with our design file management because few designers work on Photoshop, few with Sketch, some with Figma and there wasn't one place where we can put everything so it could be organized. I found out AVOCODE have this File Management System and I immediately told it our to my team, since then - everything has changed toward more productive work.

- Peter A.

Overall, Avocode is a useful tool for communicating design details between designers and developers, with robust navigation tools at the artboard level. However, limitations on its style guide and organization capabilities leave it lacking compared to competitors.

- Kevin B.

In my opinion is a great hand-off software, that helps a lot on work routine

- Andre M.

Webador reviews

My e-marketing site has provided that [email protected] email, as I mentioned, which has thus far allowed me to send dozens of emails at one time, hundreds and hundreds more in a day. The mailers can be tricky to create if images are being used, but all's well just the same.

- Brian E. Director OF Marketing & Traffic Development

Webador offers you some really cool designs to create, you can do amazing work for blog sites. There are a lot of features to make your job easier and they have done it really well. Webador is a successful site that can be preferred. Even though I took a look at the e-commerce side, I did not use it, but good things can come out there, too. And it's really cheap both for what it offers you and in general.

- Yusuf T. Game Developer


- Lila N. HR

Pros & cons


Makes my work much easyer and faster, lot of fun
And btw It's the only tool for this out there, so this by itself is speaking a lot
) ) It's Fast and the result is close to perfect
It solved the problem of post-design with the design specifications and for helping in the fidelity of what was proposed to the client."

Similarly, there appears to be no way to override the grouping of artboards-everything is inherited from the source file
The only thing i see negative is the price of the Team plan
I don't like the tool very much and I don't see many negative points
There's nothing specific I could mention as a disadvantage from my point of view."


Fantastic and can track progress websites google visitors and much more
Super Chic & professional overlook website platform
I like the way webador is user friendly
How you can build the web shop and the customer service is helpful too
I love the experience and using this to run a site is clear and cut great."

For me so far there is nothing about this software that i disliked
There was a lot of confusion in the beginning so O did not understand some things are was misled by advertisement I get
Webador is a user-friendly website but adjusting photos is a bit difficult and hectic to get for a beginner because it takes a lot of your efforts to adjust
You get what you pay for by the way)
They do not disclose that they do not support the sale of digital goods on their websites until AFTER you sign up and pay."

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