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Most popular feedback for BenchmarkONE

BenchmarkONE: All-In-One Robust CRM Platform for managing Sales Marketing & Email Automation Demands What do you like best about BenchmarkONE? BenchmarkONE provides us the liberty to create any type of automation just with a few clicks. Its interface allows us to segment all our contacts properly so that we can organize our client interactions & improve our deliverables. We can also map our customer journey entirely so that we recognize what would be required to promote customer satisfaction & build business solutions. Integration with other tools also is comfortable & we feel satisfied with its automation features, landing pages and email campaigns for meeting our marketing goals.

Ramkumar N.

About BenchmarkONE

The easiest way to nurture prospects into customers. Capture leads on your website. Send smarter emails. Nurture prospects ongoing. Deliver hot leads directly to your sales team through the built-in CRM. Efficiently manage sales and marketing campaigns and workflows. Expensive, robust tools are overkill for smaller businesses. BenchmarkONE (formerly Hatchbuck) has the core tools you need, without expensive bells & whistles that just distract.

Most popular feedback for Picreel

After using many products for the campaigns, this is the product that brought us better leads. It has better insights and overall very convenient solution for campaigns monitoring and statistics .

Ravi R.

About Picreel

Automated marketing technology that provides an opportunity to extract value from abandoning visitors. Picreel is a solution that aims to make it easy to add exit Popups, website Overlays, onsite messages , nano bars & surveys to a website. It is based on automated customer capture technology called exit intent. Picreel is a marketing tool that helps in increasing site retention, reduce shopping cart abandonment, boost conversions and sales by AI-Powered popups and Overlays. Picreel has a 24x7 support team to help users get started.

BenchmarkONE reviews

Allows a small marketing outfit to punch above its weight and focus follow-on efforts on the more high-valued prospects.

- George G.

Customer service was very responsive and helpful.

- Trisha G.

BenchmarkONE enables me to save the maximum amount of time during prospecting. Through BenchmarkONE we've been able to spend our precious time going after authentic leads instead of chasing ghosts. It does a beautiful job by assisting in the automation of email prospecting. Targeted phone calls can be made following up on emails. So, a targeted approach can be used for reaching out to the clients.

- Anvika L.

Picreel reviews

Picreel has honestly been a game changer for my business ever since I started using it. The tool is surprisingly affordable for all the features it provides, and the setup process is smooth, minimal, and time-saving. I believe Picreel can be a worthy addition to your eCommerce tools if increasing your profit margin is on the near horizon.

- Archi G.

First of all they we used their service for a few months. When we noticed that their popups were affecting our bounce rate we stopped using it. They still kept serving the pop ups, even though we stopped paying. We had no idea about that. When we went into the backend later and wanted to export the users we had collected while paying and using their service, we found out that they did not allow us to export them. When we asked why we were told that we had to pay them the two months they had been serving popups without our request. Or else we would not be able to export the users that we had collected in the last few months, while paying them. This clearly violates all rules of business. First of all they kep providing us with a service without us asking for it or requesting it. Then they demanded us to pay for it, or else we would not get all the data that we had already paid for. I highly recommend you use any of their competitors, which do not have this type of blackmail in their business model.

- Ingolfur S.

As a tool, Picreel is easy-to-use and has all the features you may need to create perfect popups. Its state-of-the-art exit-intent technology, and a user-friendly approach are other striking aspects. Picreel has been a huge part of my business growth strategy, and I'd gladly recommend the product to all business owners looking for the perfect popup solution.

- Deepa C.

Pros & cons


Ease of implementation and use
Some of the design templates and tools leave a little to be desired
The reporting functionality is a bit clunky and not as user intuitive, harder to customize
Suggested workflow would help


The technical assistance is good
They were able to resolve some of the initial design issues I was having
Only after that I gave it a go and now I'm relaxed and satisfied with the outputs
Thanks and credits both go to Picreel minds (the team) that brought such an innovative and productive technology
My experience shows that Picreel app is cool and professional
It looks great and has nice functionality."
When we noticed that their popups were affecting our bounce rate we stopped using it
They still kept serving the pop ups, even though we stopped paying
No additional person to monitor the system and No guarantees of it be coming an alternative to needs
Picreel could be a lot better
The user interface is awful, but you get what you pay for."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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