BerniePortal vs ChartHop

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Category: Performance Management Tool
Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business



Standard - $11 per month

Plus - $16 per month

Enterprise - $21 per month


Category: Performance Management Tool
Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business



Starting at $0.00

Per Month



1 Per employee per month



1 Per employee per month Per Year

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BerniePortal reviews

For the most part the software is a great tool for open enrollment. It is quick and most employees could elect their benefits without any problems.

- Kristen R.

Created more work for HR during open enrollment. In the past, when employees did not make changes to their health insurance plans, we didn't have to update anything. Now that we utilize the Bernie Portal and it does not reflect the correct information, HR is essentially stuck doing every single employee's open enrollment (so that the employee does not assume they pay $0 when they do contribute). Very time consuming. Changes are not always reflected. I have also encountered employees who information was not reflected correctly even though entered with the previous elections - i.e. dependents deleted for no reason. I also feel like it could have more functionality and tools that are useful to the HR professional. I don't understand why it includes new employee forms - feels a little disjointed.

- Amanda O.

Clients have a simple HRIS that allows employees to enroll online.

- Lou D.

ChartHop reviews

When updating some positions or removing an open job, sometimes the change won't appear right away, or the deleted position would even sometimes reappear. The integration with Lever is not seamless, I wish it were better. When downloading an org chart, the employees' titles are not fully visible (cut off), which is pretty inconvenient for an org chart tool.

- Maud S.

As with all industries, there are specific nuances that might not fit the mold of the system. However, ChartHop's onboarding team is determined to help you solve the problem and is very open to adding customer solutions to their roadmap that can benefit you and their future customers. The best relationships in tech are symbiotic ones where designers *really* listen to their customers; ChartHop does that.

- Kim V.

Access issues prevented me from using the product to its full potential right away. My org had a challenge in fully understanding access by employee. The built in reports have been under utilized in our org. They seem a little complicated to get started. For example, I want to run a report for financial planning purposes, instead of using the reports, I just export the data. Another under utilized function in our org is the history section.

- Billy P.

Pros & cons


Our overall experience with BerniePortal is great
Our customers are coming around to using it and those that do, love it
We've seen many of our clients get excited about the platform, especially when they are able to easily learn more about their benefits and how to keep their benefit information organized in one place
A solution for employees to sign benefits forms electronically, reducing the need for printing forms and distributing as well as tracking if employees returned them."

Going forward and back is difficult as an enrollee
Seems to sometimes not work or feel you are stuck
It did not work, the reports it created were literally nonsense
The inability to sign someone up without providing information that's not necessary/relavent."


It can be integrated into other websites
Easy to see who reports to who and who is in what department
User-friendly and customizable.

Need more options
Not available on mobile phone or IOS
Too many features.

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