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Category: Communication Tool

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Most popular feedback for BigMailer

As I say in anything I write or say, I mean no disrespect at all to other companies and people. But business is business. I spent over 2 weeks trying to set up Pepo campaigns. 2 Weeks of no campaigns trying to set up a system (Amazon SES) that is on the surface and on your own, kind of complex. Pepo just did not make anything easy, not even the flow of information. My support emails I sent took days to get a response on and then they just blamed Amazon. I went back and forth with Amazon only to find out it was an issue on Pepo's end. After 2 weeks of unsuccessful support, I gave up.

Rick F.

About BigMailer

Email Marketing Platform for Agencies. Bulk+automation+transactional email for a simple flat fee and unified customer view. UNLIMITED brands, users, lists, forms, templates, and image hosting at no extra cost. Customizable unsubscribe page. Invite team members or clients with permission levels. Drag-n-Drop editor, HTML editor, and templates library.

Most popular feedback for Clearout

I love the fact that this tool allows me to verify newsletter signups quickly and easily. This is a huge time saver for me, and it allows me to make sure that my signups are legitimate. Without email validation, it's very hard to judge the success of a campaign if your newsletters are being sent to spam email addresses. The combination of WordPress and Clearout's email validator ensures that the email addresses you receive are accurate and that your emails are going to actual people.

Matt J.

About Clearout

Clearout is an Email Verification & Email Finder tool to discover & maintain high-quality customer data. Email Verifier removes catch-all, disposables, spam traps, typos & other invalid email addresses in bulk or real-time. It supports integration with top ESPs/CRMs, all online forms & Google Sheets. Its API allows seamless integration with all programming languages. The Email Finder can discover highly accurate B2B prospects with just the name of the person & company/domain.

BigMailer reviews

All my email marketing strategy can be handled by Bigmailer. Brands, lists, regular and automated campaigns.

- Patricia M. blogger

A great experience, from initial sign-up to integration and full use of the software

- Graham B. Innovation Officer

The Bigmailer team makes sure its customers know how to maximize the utility of the system.

- Tom F.

Clearout reviews

Keeping my agency's clients mail lists clean and preserves deliverability. We use it in combo with MailPoet which has very strict policies to import news addresses, thanks to we don-t have to worry about it.

- Ivan T. Founder & Communication Expert

It's a sophisticated piece of software that does it's job well

- Christopher J. CEO / Founder

Clearout requires custom development if you want to integrate it with Hubspot forms. This can take time and resources. But once set up no more work is needed and its phenomenal.

- Jesse F. Digital Marketing Manager

Pros & cons


I like that I can log in, choose my campaign, & view the reported results easily
My favorite report feature is the ability to click & re-engage clients with segmentation & suppression lists
Particularly love the email reports section which gives a comprehensive look of the complete campaign
Managing unsubscribes, segments and complaints is pretty easy as well
There are many great features available in the software
Here are a few of the features that we found useful for our needs till now
There are many great features available in the software
Here are a few of the features that we found useful for our needs till now."
None to mention , but if I did have a complaint I would be the first to voice it
Too many bounces would stop Big Mailer from sending emails
I am not sure why 'bounces' happen, because I got my email's contact addresses from purchased email's addresses and also some subscribers
But since the 'bounces' have really interrupted my marketing processes, so I assume that my investment in purchasing email addresses are quite a big waste
The only thing I dislike about BigMailer is that they do not make it easy to see how many times a contact opens an email and what they click."


This helps improve email deliverability - its good all around
I love that it has Lead Finder, so that you can find more leads if you need them
You might be interested in what this software if you want to validate your current emails and clean out the ones you don't need
This software is well worth the value
My experience is great with Clearout, I like the accuracy of their email validation."
I havent yet found anything within the software that I dont like
At the moment of writing, it only has limited integrations with email list providers
If you use unsupported providers, you need to manually export the lists and import them to Clearout
The one complaint I would have would be the unknown responses
I cant think of any negative points about the service or product."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.

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