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£31.99 / $31.99 per month

Time Doctor

Category: Productivity Apps
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5 users per month

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Bobclass reviews

Bobclass has helped me stay organized! It's been easy to use and I love the email feature within scheduling. I would love an update to be able to track my clients packages they buy and automatically alerts me when they need to buy additional sessions. I would love to be able to look quickly and know how many sessions they have left on their current package without having to count back since they started. Also, I would love an update that allows you to delete multiple sessions at once if you schedule a recurring session then the clients cancels it entirely. As it is now, you have to go in and delete each individual session. Thanks for listening!

- Jessica C. Owner

It's great as it allows me to juggle work with normal life. It's great when you can sync everything from your iPad to your iPhone. Allows for great ability to book appointments. Keep tabs on finances as well.

- David S. Personal trainer

The iOS application is based on a great concept, but in my particular case -and I know there are thousands of self-employed professionals alike whom would benefit greatly if some features would be enhanced. One on such enhancements would be the ability to mark the scheduled class as done or not done automatically after the predetermined time, for example, I do 48 classes a week and it's time-consuming after a long day of work to come home and do this job manually, and create a log of how many classes were performed and how many were not.

- Diego G.

Time Doctor reviews

Overall, it's a pretty straightforward time tracking tool which has an easy to navigate interface. Would continue to use this moving forward.

- Franco Miguel M. Executive Assistant

Keeping track of customers, projects and tasks I've worked on is my basis for the invoices I send to my customers... and that works great! The new Time Doctor 2 was a huge step forward.

- Christian H. Senior Engineer Digital Signal Processing

The only thing I disliked about it was when it did not record my progress and the time I worked last year when I first used it while working for a different company but as of now, I have not yet seen anything that I do not like or think is not helpful about Time Doctor. Even though I do not see anything wrong with it now, of course I am also being careful and making sure that I record the tie I have started and stopped working just in case something like that happens again. This far is really the best for me. I highly recommend this app but if you are a slacker then you would dislike how it monitors your progress and time used for working.

- John Michael Evard M. Medical Virtual Assistant

Pros & cons


What a great APP - fantastic for streamlining your business
It's great as it allows me to juggle work with normal life
It's great when you can sync everything from your iPad to your iPhone
I've enjoyed my experience so far and hope to see the program continue to develop!!! Thank you Bobclass
I've been using Bobclass for about two years now and it is a great product to help me organize and schedule my clients."

Doesn't automatically alert or track current packages and when the client needs to buy a new package
I have to count each session and packages since the client started
It has an odd way of duplicating lessons, instead of just having a "repeat" setting
This made things confusing for myself and my students at time, not remembering when a class was or forgetting to sign up
Now, everyone is in the loop as to what classes are available and when."

Time Doctor

My boss was able to set it up by himself which was a good thing because he's not able to do that all the time
Time Doctor was good in helping us to keep up with everyone time
Excellent experience, helps us to record exactly where our time is spent for each customer and project
First time to use a Performance and Activity monitoring program
It is great and I'm amazed somehow that a program like this has been created
Ability to review screen captures
This was even more useful during the pandemic when all users were remote."

Sometimes the syncing of time can be incorrect when switching between multiple computers, which can cause loss of working time
Notifications: "Are you still there" is a bit annoying
Some time it automatically log out for few of the networks , or it may cause error if permissions not set properly
Also, not all users are able to search a project's name from the app, they have to open the dropdown and search by themselves
It's bad because when we have many projects it gets odd."

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