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Category: Project Management Tool

Industries: Productivity, Marketing


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Category: Project Management Tool

Industries: Marketing, Business, Fianncial


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Most popular feedback for BQE CORE Suite

The fact that there are multiple ways to view, enter and edit time entries (weekly or by individual entries). The expense tracking allows us to bill our individual expenses directly to projects (no more expense spreadsheets!) Core also allows me to review time entries against individual projects as well as entries made by my direct reports to view their billable/non-billable rates and project utilization. Overall it has made project, time and expense management much easier for our company.

Scott R.

About BQE CORE Suite

BQE CORE provides project management tools that are built for professional services, such as architects, engineers, CPAs, consultants, and lawyers. CORE's beautiful and intuitive interface empowers users to steer every project toward profitability with easy-to-use resource allocation, detailed forecasting tools, and real-time reporting for full visibility. Streamline your project management workflow, meet deadlines with confidence, and maximize your time.

Most popular feedback for Holaspirit

HolaSpirit has an intuative UI and has different 'paths' to achieve what you want to do or see. The search function is one of my favorite features, its quick, fast and finds everything that is stored in Holaspirit. If you do need customer support, they respond quick and friendly. Everything is webbased so all is excessible to everybody with a internet connection. Adding employees is simple, just enter a email adress and invite, within 1 min you are setup and ready to work.

Leander V.

About Holaspirit

Holaspirit is a software-as-a-service platform designed to bring clarity and transparency to your teams and organization at all levels with an advanced agility at scale. With Holaspirit you're able to move as one, collaborate with your peers and improve self-management - whether it's remote work, hybrid, or in-office teams!

BQE CORE Suite reviews

Bill quick is a perfect solution to create invoices and be able to bill many different attorneys on different projects.

- Robert C. M. Business Development Director

Implementation took longer than expected but has proved worth the extra time to get it right.

- Steven B. Accounting Assistant

I have used much better tools than CORE. In a pinch, it gets the job done, but I've heard a lot of complaints from team members over the years and it might be worth it to look elsewhere to save yourself the headaches.

- Chevy R. Solution Architect

Holaspirit reviews

Overall experience is great, all our colleagues, which are not at all software fans (educators, musicians), are feeling very touched by the way that Holaspirit takes care of their talent, their needs, their contribution in the project, that becomes their project.

- Augustin D. CEO

Clarity of roles and responsibilities. No more people waiting for 'the boss' to decide what to do.

- Paul M. Director

Unfortunatly, the way to manage projects is not the best way to do. In fact, it's missing tools like tags, comments, dropbox attachment file...etc But Holaspirit's team gave a multitude way to synchronise Holaspirit with many application or Webhooks. Like that you are free to manage your project as you like.

- Quentin H. Président

Pros & cons


We have been with BQE for 17 years and 3 years back we made a decision to switch to all cloud BQE Core and we love it
This was the best decision
The functionality and features of BQE software are beyond what we currently use and as we explore more it is really exciting to see how this software can help us in other areas of our business
There is a huge improvement the way we run reports in BQE now as compared how we used to
The various ways of applying filters on reports is awesome
This software makes it easier to track hours on projects to better understand profits and the overall productivity of the staff
It is the people at BQE that make a huge difference."
Our project managers thought it was hard to use, and didn't feel our data was always accurately depicted
I find the billing process steps a bit awkward but I am used to them now
It is annoying to have to look for the most recent invoice under Invoice Review once the invoice is processed as final
Early on we had a difficult time understanding the vendor bill workflow
No real changes to suggest as of yet
There is already a lot to absorb."


The onboarding by the people at Holaspirit was super useful and clear and as a customer I feel very well supported by the team there
I will recommend Holaspirit whenever I can
Absolutly positive and I can wait to implement holaSpirit in our department
Great product for any company running a modern organizational structures and methods
We even use during a merger between 4 companies now and the speed with which we can establish clarity is amazing
The support and operation at Holaspirit are phenomenal."
Sometimes it's hard to find which screen something is on
Also it won't let you just check off an agenda item without opening it
It is a pity we still not have an integrated app in order to check my governance data everywhere
There are really no real problems that we have experienced with holaSpirit
It does take some time to get new staff and group members up to speed but it is very intuitive
See above
Reporting is done instantedly, quick failure is the option in worikng with HolaSpirit."

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