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Category: Project Management Tool

Industries: Marketing, Business, Fianncial




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Category: Project Management Tool

Industries: Marketing, Productivity, Business


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Most popular feedback for Brightpod

Love the software. My team handles upwards of 300 tasks at any given time and Brightpod has made that process more efficient and managable. Brightpod makes it easier to organize my work and track each items current status, time spent working on it, due date and more. The only thing that would make Brightpod even better would be a timer with in the program itself, ideally similar to the way Toggl manages time.

Sarah R.

About Brightpod

Project management tool which enables enterprise marketing communication through planning and tracking.

Most popular feedback for OneHash

With OneHash, we are expecting to use it as one stop solution for everything apart from our e-commerce site operations, whether it is CRM, Production management, Quality and Feedback management, Email management, KnowledgeBase, Finance/ Accounting management, to name major few. We have been able to get some benefits from CRM, Feedback and Email, but yet to use it at optimized level.

Amit J.

About OneHash

OneHash is the world's first Faas(SaaS+FOSS). Supercharge your sales with the CRM and ERP tool. Get pipeline view, calling, lead management, email automation and much more, all under one tool available at $99/month for Unlimited Users and also offer on- premise version for enterprise customers Functions: 1. Customer Relationship Manager 2. Human Resource & Payroll 3. Agile Manufacturing 4. Sales & Purchase 5. Asset Management 6. Help desk 7. Project Management 8. Smart Accounting Software

Brightpod reviews

Great for a smaller organization managing marketing campaigns with a small internal team and freelancers/agencies. Keeps everything in one place, keeps us on track, and helps us collaborate across distances.

- Katie L. Associate Director of Internal Communications

I like that I can easily add projects and manage tasks across my team. As a leader, I can get a good idea what my team is working on and delegate tasks accordingly.

- David M. Web Design & Development Leader

I love that there is a collaboration tool like Brightpod that is so focused on marketing project details. However, I'm not aware of any integrations with accounting programs or even a CRM that would allow us to directly bill customers for billable time. Instead, we're running manual reports monthly to identify billable time by client and project. Then accounting has to invoice manually. It would be awesome if all of this could be automated!

- Kristen S. Marketing Manager

OneHash reviews

Exceptionally well, no complaints so far. We get help / support on holidays too.

- Vinayak H. Director

What I like the best about OneHash is that everything is built into the platform from the accounting essentials, CRM, HR, Projects, Website, and anything in between. It's like a super app for your entire business, and the best thing is that you can still customize it further yourself or ask for some assistance from the guys at OneHash.

- Mike Lester R. Systems & Methods Head

need more storage space and some MIS reports required for financial module

- vidyasagar c. Managing Director

Pros & cons


The app has pretty colors
That is important for me as a creative professional
I have been using Brightpod for a while now and it is a great service
It helps to organize all of the components of a project
My time with Brightpod has been amazing so easy to manage tasks and different jobs easily with fantastic support if you ever need help
Brightpod is great for staying organized as a team
For writing projects it has been great and no one ends up writing the same piece of content because they are all so easily assigned."
The scrolling on the pods can be a little annoying if it's a particularly full pod
I've noticed tasks get duplicated for no reason
The customer service and reaching out ranges from ignoring you to just annoying
We have so many different pods that they get lost at times."


They have integrated some of the advanced technology in combination with a visually appealing interface
This software helped me a lot in streamlining and automating many tasks
Because of the intuitive in-built Cross Channel Interaction system, Can achieve a seamless and effortless customer experience by integrating all customer interactions into a single point.
Permission managers are essential for limited data visibility to users
We have found the system to be highly complex to set.2
Point of Sale of Retail system requires upgradation
It's outdated.3
CRM is not B2C friendly it's more inclined toward a B2B environment.

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