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Category: Project Management Tool
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Category: Project Management Tool
Industries: Education, Marketing, Business, Fianncial




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Brightpod reviews

Great for a smaller organization managing marketing campaigns with a small internal team and freelancers/agencies. Keeps everything in one place, keeps us on track, and helps us collaborate across distances.

- Katie L. Associate Director of Internal Communications

I like that I can easily add projects and manage tasks across my team. As a leader, I can get a good idea what my team is working on and delegate tasks accordingly.

- David M. Web Design & Development Leader

I love that there is a collaboration tool like Brightpod that is so focused on marketing project details. However, I'm not aware of any integrations with accounting programs or even a CRM that would allow us to directly bill customers for billable time. Instead, we're running manual reports monthly to identify billable time by client and project. Then accounting has to invoice manually. It would be awesome if all of this could be automated!

- Kristen S. Marketing Manager

Productive reviews

Really great, we'll keep using it as we grow bigger.

- Petar S. CEO

Best experience hands down comes from the account management team, which deals with our issues swiftly and effectively. Almost every SAAS has 1 or 2 key differentiators, but Productive stands out in terms of their support and dedication to ensuring a positive customer relationship experience

- Nazirul I. Managing Partner

It still needs deeper integrations with some external tools we use, but we found some workaround thanks to Zapier.

- Maciej W. Founder

Pros & cons


The app has pretty colors
That is important for me as a creative professional
I have been using Brightpod for a while now and it is a great service
It helps to organize all of the components of a project
My time with Brightpod has been amazing so easy to manage tasks and different jobs easily with fantastic support if you ever need help
Brightpod is great for staying organized as a team
For writing projects it has been great and no one ends up writing the same piece of content because they are all so easily assigned."

The scrolling on the pods can be a little annoying if it's a particularly full pod
I've noticed tasks get duplicated for no reason
The customer service and reaching out ranges from ignoring you to just annoying
We have so many different pods that they get lost at times."


Productive is a good product to track projects and time spent on it
I would recommend having a "how to" section for first time users to learn more about the software
Reporting tools are in theory very flexible and easy to spit out exactly the right data you want - from team utilization to billing to profitability, task completion - you name it
In theory, Productive hs the perfect set of tools for the modern agency."

The design could use some polish
No notes on individual tasks
Invoicing/quotation features limited
Dashboard view is not visual/customizable enough
I've looked at other tools, and turned them down simply because of their lack of reporting and all-in-one capabilities
Fatal bugs ruin an otherwise promising product."

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