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Campaign Monitor

Category: Automation Software Tools

Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


Basic - $9 per month

Unlimited - $29 per month

Premier - $149 per month


Category: Automation Software Tools

Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


Auto Kloser - $59.99 per user/month

Advanced Kloser - $69.99 per user/month

Accelerated Kloser - $99.99 per user/month

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Most popular feedback for Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor helped transform us from a small idea to a real company thanks to their user-friendly tools — I honestly could not recommend them enough.

Ellen Hyslop

About Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a straightforward email marketing tool that enables marketers to send beautiful and personalized emails, creating a reliable channel to grow engagement with subscribers and promote loyal readership and conversions. Beautiful templates, drag-and-drop builder, and engagement-based segmentation allow marketers to deliver targeted content to large lists of subscribers without any technical expertise.

Most popular feedback for Autoklose

We use the system quite often, and I think it's a pretty good value for the money.

Leonardo W.

About Autoklose

The key strategy in generating predictable revenue is building a predictable pipeline. Sales VPs of some of the biggest Fortune 1000 companies use Autoklose daily, to achieve this. Autoklose is the first email outreach software with an integrated B2B database filled with over 8 million verified B2B leads. Awarded for its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, Autoklose reduces the onboarding time to a minimum making your sales reps happy and focused. • save 3 hours per day, per sales rep. • sync seamlessly with your existing sales stack. • use real-time reporting & analytics. Trusted by market leaders and growing businesses. Autoklose is built for entrepreneurs, sales, and marketing. Autoklose helps you and your teams: * Target — the right prospects by utilizing our huge database packed with clean, verified B2B leads from different industries and applying a number of different powerful filters. * Engage — your prospects and convert them into loyal customers by sending out sequences of highly tailored emails at scale, fine-tuning your campaigns real time, and automating your sales process. * Grow — your business by managing your teams, monitoring the performance of your campaigns and each individual team member, analyzing reports directly from your dashboard, and following a simple formula – test, improve, repeat, and thrive. Be bold. Start klosing with a k. AUTOKLOSE.

Campaign Monitor reviews

"Manage your Email Lists and Personalize Emails" What do you like best about Campaign Monitor? With configurable themes, anyone can easily generate attractive emails. Our email's drag-&-drop interface enables it to be simple to include photos, URLs, and other content. To save effort, automate email answers. Make every email unique to the receiver. Detailed information demonstrates how well our email messages are doing. Its drag-and-drop functionality saves time while creating templates. Simple mobile-friendly layouts are fantastic. Templates that are helpful to monitor and responsive are more robust than others. It's like a lifesaver to small company owners since it's so simple to use. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about Campaign Monitor? My only point is there's no easy method to conserve and return to drafts when constructing a campaign. As a consequence, the campaign is promptly stored; the browsing is merely a little clumsy. There are few interfaces with other applications. We occasionally find the UI hard to utilize. Learning how to utilize all of the functions requires patience. It is difficult to resend unread contacts inside a campaign. The restricted possibilities in regards to automation and Salesforce compatibility. Review collected by and hosted on What problems is Campaign Monitor solving and how is that benefiting you? Campaign Monitor offers an array of email marketing solutions to assist firms in growing contact lists and tracking outcomes. It is simple to handle email lists of any length. Businesses may use Campaign Monitor to manage email answers to reduce time and enhance customer support. Using built-in themes and editors enables businesses to customize emails. Campaign Monitor generates thorough email productivity statistics, making it simple to assess outcomes and optimize efforts with time. We tried this product for our company and found it to be quite effective in increasing lead generation.

- Agatka J.

"Powerful Email Marketing Tool To Manage Email Lists And Personalizing Emails" What do you like best about Campaign Monitor? • Easily create beautiful emails with customizable templates. • Drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to add images, links, and other elements to our email. • Automate email responses to save time. • Personalize emails for each recipient. • Detailed reporting shows how our emails are performing. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about Campaign Monitor? • Limited integrations with other software. • Sometimes we find the interface difficult to use. • Takes time to learn how to use all the features Review collected by and hosted on What problems is Campaign Monitor solving and how is that benefiting you? Campaign Monitor provides a suite of email marketing tools to help businesses grow email lists and track results. It is easy to manage large or small email lists with its drag-and-drop interface. With Campaign Monitor, businesses can automate email responses to save time and improve customer service. It allows businesses to personalize emails with built-in templates and a drag-and-drop editor. Campaign Monitor provides detailed reports on email performance, making it easy to track results and improve campaigns over time. We used this tool for our business and it is very good to increase business leads.

- Ramesh S.

"Campaign Monitor- a Convenient Marketing Management platform" What do you like best about Campaign Monitor? The application has provided the customers with consistent customer support. The interface of the application is easy to learn for the users’. Initial setup is very easy to establish. The customer issues are resolved immediately. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about Campaign Monitor? At times, the customer service lags in responding to the user at times due to which the user gets agitated. It offers limited customization options. The initial plan is not competitive. In present times, customer demands a variety of customization options to meet their preferences. It does not offer several options for the users’. Review collected by and hosted on What problems is Campaign Monitor solving and how is that benefiting you? All the operations are easy to perform from basic to advance levels. templates that are simple to use. It is mobile optimized. The mobile connectivity allows users’ to have quick access and is handy for them as well.

- Rebecca T.

Autoklose reviews

My overall experience has been great. By using the analytics tools I have been able to 'A-B test' to identify a couple subject lines and email formats that have resulted in a consistent 80-90% open-rate. Now that I have been using the platform for several months, I have thousands of contacts imported. In which, I can circle back to these contacts to create new high-volume campaigns with minimal time or effort.

- Ben O.

I had higher hopes for this program. The bounce rate was typically higher than the three percent as promised, and the integrity/quality of the email data you pay separately for compromised our email campaigns as they were the wrong contacts, bad emails, wrong industry, and etc. I used the program for about six months as this is what they recommend in terms of seeing results. You can't get positive results if you're not reaching the right people, which is the primary reason we went with Autoklose.

- Christina G.

With Autoklose, I automate my sales emails follow-up sequence. In my job is essential to run faster for don't miss none opportunity. Autoklose is here for this reason: help you to made more sales. In my case, I use autoklose to book more appointment, my method is simple: a fast cold call to discover the right name and the right email of my prospect, then put them in Autoklose and wait for appointment. I set 3 of 4 follow-up sequence and Autoklose make the rest!

- Gianni D.

Pros & cons

Campaign Monitor

Versatile email templates
Easy-to-use WYSIWYG interface
Easy automation tool
Contact importing difficult when matching custom fields
No SMS channel
Lacks direct online support via phone or chat


Sequence sending emails
Plan out sending schedules
Decide when and how often to contact someone
No integration with LinkedIn
No ability to program communication via LinkedIn or other apps
Easy to use but basic compared to its competition

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