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Category: Project Management Tool

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Category: Project Management Tool

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Most popular feedback for CaseCamp

I have been using CaseCamp for a while and it has definitely helped me to be more structured. CaseCamp supports Resource Planning, Project Planning, Analysis and Reporting and provides a neat and clean interface for Customer and Owner / Employee and Manager. Efficiency in project management is one of the most important thing for a business house. Case Camp offers free usage up to 10 projects at a minimal monthly cost. CaseCamp is built-in with a lot of interactive project management features .Gantt Chart Analysis, IOS/Android App tracking features make it unique and exclusive among its competitors. From creating `to do list to tracking project progress status or employee performances, this software gives a logical approach for effective project planning and management. Its user friendly features make it convenient for the customers who range from free lancers to small scale or large scale business houses. CaseCamp clients include NDTV, Wedding.Com, Eriksson etc.

Krishna K.

About CaseCamp

Project Management Software that keeps teams on the same page working toward a common goal: finishing a project together.

Most popular feedback for OnPlan

As we continue to evolve and grow as a company it has become increasingly important to be able to forecast sales, profit and cash flow. We were using Planning Maestro, and although a very robust product, it was extremely difficult to adapt it to our exact needs. The OnPlan team was able to quickly understand our needs and turn this into a "custom" model that we now use on a daily basis to forecast sales, revenue, cash flow and make strategic decisions based on this information. The model is robust, yet flexible and allows us to make changes ourselves, if we deem it necessary. Using OnPlan to generate management reports and KPI's could not be easier. The built in reporting functionality is great, but they have also made it easy to export to Excel where further manipulation and reporting can be completed. After using the product for a while, we see a TON of potential in it. The team has continued to listen to our feedback and has implemented changes to the base product at our request.

Dean S.

About OnPlan

OnPlan's fast and flexible FP&A platform makes financial reporting easy, connecting source systems with existing Google Sheets or Excel spreadsheets to generate visual, meaningful reports instantly. The financial reporting package integrates with other bundles and apps to create income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements with ease. With powerful integrations and collaboration features, working across the org is a snap. Give your financial reports superpowers with OnPlan.

CaseCamp reviews

The software itself was easy to use. I never had to go through any tutorial in order to be able to use it. The forum style message board should be very familiar to most.

- Ilia T. Business Development Manager

Casecamp ensures that a project manager's task is to make certain that all the stakeholders understand the project and agree on what project success looks like. Their topmost priority is that the change-driven scope definition is clarified just sufficiently for time and cost estimates. Casecamp is one and only one solution provider, for all stakeholders that extend well beyond the project sponsors and a variety customer. Case camp has ensured that all the four phases of project management viz., Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling are adequately covered. In a nutshell, this is a (CAMP) environment where all C A S E S are covered. The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are The second greatest is being happy with what you find.

- Vinay Ram G. Project Manager

I would like to see pop up indicators to tell managers when something is ahead of schedule or assignments that they are falling behind.

- Jeffery S. CEO

OnPlan reviews

We wanted to peroform monthly BVA variance analysis and be able to track ALL updates in our financial model in one place and Onplan was a perfect solution to our objective function.

- Amro Q. CFO

We implemented OnPlan to build a budget and rolling forecast for a division within a larger company. I was impressed wtih the granularity of user permissions and acess, the change logs and the what-if scenario forecasting.

- Tetyana G. Sr. Consultant

Purchased a tool that never worked.

- Susan L. Controller

Pros & cons


I had an opportunity to attend a demo of casecamp by its product lead and I was very impressed with its functionality
This software has been a great help with being able to see status and progress for our software development
I have used other project management software before but this one is by far the best
Analytics and Reporting
Whether you are an in-house, outsourced or mixed team, CaseCamp tool unites all to work flawlessly on a common goal as a team
It helps to structured the project and also helps in project management
It is combination of all software which we think helps in any project like JIRA etc."
It was not at all complicated to pickup and use
They hide all the complicated tools but you can find them if you need it
Techies who are struggling with project management can use this application
For example, there is an empty box on project homepage which gives a feeling of something missing from there
The calendar screen has arrows on top and bottom on month name instead of sides
Some of the tabs/ modules does not seem to work correctly
It may be due to broken links or any other back end issue."


Easy to use
The platform allowed us to quickly provide our investors with accurate monthly reporting and beautiful dashboards that helped us build a solid financial infrastructure in one place
Allows a user to take an existing Excel financial model and ingest it without changing the logic
Slow in calculating, updating changes because of multiple sheets in Google sheets file
About 1-2 minute delays each time you make a change
It took 6 months to replicate my existing excel files, that did not flow properly
Makes scenario planning impossible.They charged $18k for a budgeting tool that I couldn't use even after 6 months.

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