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Category: Social media Tool
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Chatmeter reviews

I love the ease of use, customization, insights and data analysis and all-in-one nature of the Chatmeter platform.

- Roger W. Marketing

With over 120 different properties, Chatmeter is SO easy to filter in all reviews, ensure listings are correct, and mass publish to social media. All of our property managers and regional supervisors are set up to receive weekly review emails, and because of this they can easily stay on top of issues. It would be impossible to manage such a large portfolio without Chatmeter.

- Jessie W. Marketing Coordinator

Not able to modify or set any of the sentiments. Sometimes the A.I. registers random words that are completely irrelevant like "girl" or "there." We would have liked to tag and track things like "mask" "COVID testing," etc. But I can only do that using the reports tab. Also, not being able to manage Yelp, Apple, Yahoo, Bing, or Yellowpages within the platform can get backed up. Chatmeter was not able to help us with issues regarding Facebook spam policies. We had to go and research it ourselves. We assumed Chatmeter would have a partnership with Facebook.

- Stephanie S. Digital Marketing Strategist

Mention reviews

I guess the best thing about Mention is that it provides the full circle of complementary services needed to completely manage the image and interests of our businesses and projects. By far, one of my most interesting features about setting up alerts is that I can use tags to create alerts within broader alerts. This allows for an effective filtering system that makes our work ten times easier.

- Mohammed S. Field Manager

I like a lot the fact you can easily monitor everything about your brand on social medias, web sites, ... And also easily filter out what you don't want (the noise). For example, I'm not interested in the job offers related to my software. Excluding a website or a given term from the alerts is super easy and efficient.

- David P. Developer | Evangelist

The interface is empty and not very intuitive. Fortunately, email alerts allow me to quickly access the last mentions of my keywords, because I don't use the web page where my information is collected, or very little. But this is a minor detail, because it is of particular interest to full-time community managers.

- Frédéric P. Head of Digital Publishing

Pros & cons


I love that we can also use their Listings and social media service as well
We appreciate that there are multiple facets to Chatmeter, so we don't have use a variety of vendors
We've been with Chatmeter long enough to witness several major new feature rollouts and they've all been seamless
What's more, I am a huge fan of Chatmeter's weekly webinars
I love all the information they are able to pull from all different website and showcase it in a way we can actually act on and improve our processes and the information we display on the web
Overall, we're happy with our experience with Chatmeter and they've been great about updating and creating new features over the years."

The only dislike I have is that I don't have it on a mobile device
This may be my fault though
The backend where menu information is updated is hard to use and time consuming
The inability to cross post across multiple platforms is not ideal
My company uses it as a tool of negative reinforcement."


For example, I'm not interested in the job offers related to my software
Excluding a website or a given term from the alerts is super easy and efficient
I like that it helps you to view a lot of data at once
It helps you to see where your brand and company are being mentioned and can help you target future sources to use for media
Good tool for tracking brand activity for your brand and competitors
This allows you to keep tabs on the market as a whole and how your brand compares to others
Overall I have had a wonderful experience with Mention and it has helped me keep up."

Worried about your reputation online
Get this tool and let it track that for you
Okay Monitoring Service, But Buyer Beware - No Option to Cancel
Back in the day, we'd monitor news with Google Alerts which was obviously a terrible idea
Set it and forget it type tool that keeps working for you in the background and keeps looking for your "mentions" on the web."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


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