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Claris FileMaker

Category: Task Managment Tool
Industries: Education, Communication, Marketing




Per user/month

Billed annually



Per user/month

Billed annually


Category: Task Managment Tool
Industries: Education, Communication, Marketing


$24 USD / user / month

20M+ Downloads

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Claris FileMaker reviews

From customer prospecting, orders, automation of production processes, everything is organized and centralized in a single program, customized according to the needs of my company.

- Greice E. Owner

I use it to manage contacts and expenses and I have built the database that a photo library use to run their business every day! I cannot fault this software!

- Glen S. Freelance Graphic Designer

Claris FileMaker is the ideal tool for the enterprise to automate workflows, organize internal processes and create apps for specific uses. This platform is used to address digital transformation and innovate processes and operations.

- Will L. Software Developer

kintone reviews

Very easy to develop forms and workflows. User driven. Allows to deploy apps fast and supports quick changes based on user needs.

- Philipp S. Head of Finance and Administration

I have accurate reports, solid information and feel confident in my presentations because of the ability to have reports at my fingertips.

- Tara J. Executive Director

From the perspective of a small business with particular custom needs, Kintone and their staff were able to help us identify a better way of doing things at a very approachable price. One of our favorite things is the connection with our point of contact and their willingness to share their time to ensure we get a product that works for us.

- Cameron P. Project Manager

Pros & cons

Claris FileMaker

It has allowed us to grow and customize our database in ways that other software would limit us
The ability to create scripts and reports on the fly is great for gathering and presenting data
There are a lot of tutorials and learning materials online
It helps us to save hours and hours every day
I have used FileMaker in a manufacturing setting for 20+ years
It is a great solution for bringing together different data into one solution
This Data base manager is OK for MAC users
Simple too use and with great migration to/ from Access."

It wouldn't be so bad if I could upgrade but no apparently I can't upgrade from my version to Filemaker Pro 19
The company was not accepting our form of payment, and we kept receiving automated mails threatening to curtail the service
What it worse we found the cloud software laggy, and underperforming, slowing what was the usual workstation workflow
Over the years, the licensing of FMP has progressively gotten worse
If I could find another solution, I would."


We used this software for case management services
All managers love this program due to its easy management program
Love to used and the ability to customize existing apps
I love the custom nature of the software and the ability to customize every app with JavaScript
Highly recommend Kintone to improve your efficiency."

At the moment - I really can't think of anything I dislike about the software
One use case that is a bit disappointing is the need to pay for additional guest accounts
There is no calendar that can be used to show appointments, case dates, deadlines
Other than that, it does everything else
Only criticism I have is that I wish, as a Partner, I had more access to some actual apps."

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20M+ downloads

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