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Claris FileMaker

Category: Task Managment Tool
Industries: Education, Communication, Marketing




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Category: Task Managment Tool
Industries: Business, Education, Marketing


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Claris FileMaker reviews

From customer prospecting, orders, automation of production processes, everything is organized and centralized in a single program, customized according to the needs of my company.

- Greice E. Owner

I use it to manage contacts and expenses and I have built the database that a photo library use to run their business every day! I cannot fault this software!

- Glen S. Freelance Graphic Designer

Claris FileMaker is the ideal tool for the enterprise to automate workflows, organize internal processes and create apps for specific uses. This platform is used to address digital transformation and innovate processes and operations.

- Will L. Software Developer

Robin reviews

We just moved into new office and one of the main problems of our users is to find the new meeting rooms. With robin ipads next to each conference room, they'll find it easier. Also, the maps feature is helping them a lot - we have displays in the hallway that show them their way.

- Carsten W. AV Architect

Robin has been great for reducing help desk calls too! People can see everything they need to know about the room right on the display!

- Matt B. Database Administrator

The user interface is excellent in all its aspects cleanly and reliably, it is an application with clear signage to carry out each of our meetings with more innovation for the programming in each of the rooms. each of the conferences that will be scheduled by each of the human resources departments, among others, would be a good way to optimize each of the workplaces concretely and the best thing is that we can make one of the reservations for the rooms in advance in an important way.

- Marcos D. Training and Development Specialist

Pros & cons

Claris FileMaker

It has allowed us to grow and customize our database in ways that other software would limit us
The ability to create scripts and reports on the fly is great for gathering and presenting data
There are a lot of tutorials and learning materials online
It helps us to save hours and hours every day
I have used FileMaker in a manufacturing setting for 20+ years
It is a great solution for bringing together different data into one solution
This Data base manager is OK for MAC users
Simple too use and with great migration to/ from Access."

It wouldn't be so bad if I could upgrade but no apparently I can't upgrade from my version to Filemaker Pro 19
The company was not accepting our form of payment, and we kept receiving automated mails threatening to curtail the service
What it worse we found the cloud software laggy, and underperforming, slowing what was the usual workstation workflow
Over the years, the licensing of FMP has progressively gotten worse
If I could find another solution, I would."


The overall experience we have with the Robin platform is fantastic
I am pleased with the over 2+ years or more that we have been using the platform
It has caused significant improvement of reserving rooms/spaces with our offices
In our shared space with several start-up companies, Robin has been exceptional in helping us all share the office spaces
Especially, now that we are dealing with pandemic related restrictions
The best feature is that you can draw a map of the office and people can easily identify the diferent desks and book them."

Of of the biggest problems we solved with Robin was data-driven decisions when expanding existing spaces or building new ones
We just moved into new office and one of the main problems of our users is to find the new meeting rooms
Losing my reservation when I forget to check-in
Needing to kick people out when they overstay their reservation - need a reminder for when reservation is done
Over the mobile phone sometime it feels difficult to move around the office maps."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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