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Sir Richard Branson

Classter reviews

Workload in Administration has been greatly reduced. All your school data on your fingertips. It's simply awesome!

- Rachela Z. Principal

It was easy managing the school I work for while there were less than a 100 students. However with it growing it became much bothersome and difficult to monitor and manage everything, so classter came at the greatest time. Really helped us manage the finances, payments and debts, student grades and so on.

- Ivan G. IT administrator

Sometimes it is difficult to implement new modules as there a quite a lot of settings to do and consider.

- Ruth F. Schulleitung Realschule

BookSteam reviews

Wonderful experience overall, all schedule changes come easily (apart from the change of recurring clients as noted above) and very simple to view and teach to staff. Customer service has been helpful and quick each time we've reached out.

- Sarah W. Operational Manager

This system allows us to display many services and locations. It was easy to use and a reasonable price compared to others.

- Debra T. Owner

App doesn't work well on Android. Customers unable to book their families/children while using packages, and because the kids don't have email addresses I have to use their parent's email, but I am not allowed to create accounts with the same email. Interface is confusing. The list of clients on a given class on the calendar has lots of buttons, I don't know what they do. Those buttons respond slowly. For some reason sometimes the visits are properly deducted from package, sometimes not. I think if the customer booked it themselves, it is, but if I added them manually it is not. But I had to figure this out. Nobody told me. It's pretty bad

- Cang S. CEO

Pros & cons


The free trial is certainly allowing me to evaluate the software fully, without feeling as though I'm risking anything
Overall it was positive, we had a great video call with a memeber of Classter, who was very helpful and informative
We found it fairly easy to work out how to change and adapt this
This was achieved through Classter core modules and financial module
We liked Classter flexibility to fit our needs of running the school in the manner we see fit
It helps do digitalize many administrative tasks, that up till the implementation of Classter were done on paper
Like this we have a better overview of information needed."

User Experience is bad & Application almost useless
We had to do debugging numerous times, as things didn't work properly
File manegement and reporting seems difficult
Some features need to be automated since in some cases, there are steps that are forgotten such as the updating of a synoptic mark on the grade book
It suffers from glitches very so often and sometimes the format can change."


Saved me a weeks worth of work tracking down all the appointments
I cant thank you guys enough
Any software or billing issues have been addressed with fabulous service, attention to detail and efficiency
Many thanks for making this techno-moron very happy
The button works great on my website and on FaceBook
My clients have been able to book farm visits online easily
I used this company on and off for about 2 years now and received the best service from them
They're constantly adding new features / updates which makes my experience that much more pleasant."

My business is no longer myself, it's grown, and between me and my 7 employees we schedule a ton of appointments and pen and paper just doesn't cut it
We used to use another company before (don't want to name them but it starts with S...) and we were constantly dealing with issues and empty promises, it was very frustrating
We accidentally erased one of our staff members and all her appointments
After sending a support request they got back to me almost immediately and were able to recover all the info we lost
I've had clients try to reply to the text to cancel, and that doesn't work
I cannot find a place to process customer receipt or printing a list of their past appointments."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


20M+ downloads

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