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Most popular feedback for ClickDimensions

ClickDimensions is the missing marketing piece for Dynamics 365 CRM What do you like best about ClickDimensions? I personally like that CD has a superb built-in email editor and the dynamic insertion selections for personalization are outstanding - allowing a very rich and robust personalization to any emails, sequences and automations. The automation builder is a bit complex but worth the learning curve and handles everything with precision and all the options you need for marketing. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about ClickDimensions? My only dislike that I have found is that you cannot import a list of existing accounts to add all contacts to a marketing list. We have account level reporting that sometimes has a need to email all-hands at an account and there is no easy way to cull from an existing list report from other systems... No workaround that I found so I had to build a desktop macro to pull from a spreadsheet and post into the search field and then add to a pre-made marketing list. Other then this minor issue, the features are enterprise level and superb. Review collected by and hosted on What problems is ClickDimensions solving and how is that benefiting you? The automations allows us to nurture leads better and move from one list to another when they engage on anything and setup activities for our sales teams automatically.

Gene W.

About ClickDimensions

ClickDimensions is a marketing solution for Microsoft Dynamics, made exclusively for and natively built within Dynamics CRM. ClickDimensions combines multi-channel marketing automation technology, a marketing dashboard for deeper insights into marketing results and revenue impact, and a full range of marketing services designed to ensure success for marketers at organizations that use Dynamics 365.

Most popular feedback for Tonkean

Creating custom data sources with custom-defined actions allows for rapid use by teams while maintaining governance. Human-in-the-loop automation is a crucial feature for us in the regulated industry in which we participate. Tonkean's focus on this as such a foundational part of their identity is excellent. The time to market has also enabled faster delivery of new products/services to market which under COVID has been tremendous. The real power here, I think, is the clear enablement of citizen developed automations.

Chris G.

About Tonkean

Tonkean is the OS for Business Operations, empowering operations teams to rapidly improve efficiency with an enterprise-grade, composable automation platform. By allowing ops teams to automate, monitor, and manage mission-critical business processes with no-code, while still maintaining compliance and security, Tonkean enables enterprises to accelerate operational velocity at scale. Founded in 2015, Tonkean has customers like Google, EVERSANA, Instacart, Grubhub,, and more using the platform to optimize and align their operations across the enterprise. The Tonkean platform makes automating complex business processes simple and accessible to non-developers, such as business operations teams and process owners, by abstracting the high technical barrier and coding expertise needed to deliver robust, enterprise-grade process solutions via composability. Ops teams compose custom process solutions using building blocks called “enterprise components” or ECs. ECs are modular, interchangeable, and reusable capabilities that perform actions or complete steps in a business process. These actions take one of three forms: 1) actions on people; 2) actions on systems or data; 3) and actions that perform business logic. ECs are fully governed and curated, typically by IT. They can be created in a variety of ways. They can be adopted from vendors or custom-built, or they can simply be extensions of existing tools and systems. Tonkean also comes with an extensive library of native components. This allows ops and process experts to rapidly build holistic process solutions that can work with different systems, easily adapt to changing needs, and measure cross-functional KPIs–all with no-code and no change management. Enterprises rely on Tonkean to optimize and align their operations across functions—including sales, marketing, customer support, legal, finance, and more. Operations teams leverage the platform to make their people, systems, and processes work better together. Common use cases include request intake triage, onboarding/offboarding, document generation, task management & follow-up, and much more.

ClickDimensions reviews

"ClickDimensions and Dynamics 365 CRM right recipe for boosting Demand Generation" What do you like best about ClickDimensions? The simple Marketing Automation tool set in ClickDimensions makes it quick to deploy, change and manage within your Dynamics 365 CRM environment. When properly leverage and continually adapted for success, you can reap the benefits of generating more leads and the right leads. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about ClickDimensions? Email deliverability is sometimes an issue. Emails end up in junk emails, spam, etc. This is not unique to CD. Make it easier to check all the boxes needed to ensure optimal email deliverability. Review collected by and hosted on What problems is ClickDimensions solving and how is that benefiting you? ClickDimensions with its easy form builder, email builder allows us to seamlessly deploy and change these as needed and have the data easily flow into Dynamics 365 for insight and lead creation and assignment.

- Rene S.

"ClickDimensions, a great addition to marketing if using Microsoft Dynamics." What do you like best about ClickDimensions? ClickDimensions connection with Microsoft Dynamics gives you the ability to create multiple marketing channels and opportunities while saving time. It is a great entry into marketing automation or if you are a single brand. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about ClickDimensions? If you are a multi-brand enterprise you have to create many workarounds to get marketing branding correct. I wish there were easier ways of setting a template and selecting what locations that campaign automation, email, form, etc would be available for. Review collected by and hosted on What problems is ClickDimensions solving and how is that benefiting you? ClickDimensions allows us to automate processes and keep building and cultivating relationships. It has opened up many new opportunities for us to provide valuable information to our customers using less man power or resources.

- Cole W.

"Utilization of Click Dimensions MAS" What do you like best about ClickDimensions? With Click Dimensions, we have the ability to provide real-time marketing insights on our customer's interactions directly to our salespeople via the Dynamics 365 CRM platform. This is a great way to bridge the gap between marketing and sales to ensure there's overall alignment between our efforts and interactions. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about ClickDimensions? The ability to report and build dashboard reports that integrate both the customer data and marketing data is an added cost to the Click Dimensions subscription. Review collected by and hosted on Recommendations to others considering ClickDimensions: Start small, develop automation and ways to improve your customer communications with a very targeted approach. Utilization and adoption of any system can be difficult, so you have to remember to get small wins at first to help develop your overall longer-term strategy. Review collected by and hosted on What problems is ClickDimensions solving and how is that benefiting you? Utilizing the marketing automation to more proactively reach out to our customers has allowed us to better align our resources to ensure we're making meaningful touchpoints with our customers.

- Lindsay O.

Tonkean reviews

Tonkean UI is designed quite well, and super easy to understand and navigate for non-coders like myself. My Tonkean reps (Benny & Stu) are amazing and respond quickly to issues and resolve them in a timely manner.

- Mia P.

I like how robust and customizable the tool is. Compared to Zapier it is more customizable without sacrificing usability

- Dan K.

Tonkean allows our operations team to drive forward efficiency or processes improvements without needing engineering to get involved. Automation capabilities allow better coordination across our teams and keep the right people involved at every step. The flexibility of the Tonkean platform is perfect for a quicky growing company. The tool has many integrations built out already, but the team is also incredibly responsive to adding new tools when needed.

- TIm D.

Pros & cons


Easy to pull information from Dynamics CRM
as it's fully integrated
Straightforward email marketing tools
Form builder is easy to use
and pushes captured information straight into Dynamics
Intergration with Dynamics CRM actually turns out to be a disadvantage, as the system is constrained heavily in its utility by how Dynamics runs
For example, creating marketing lists for segmentation is particularly arduous if Contacts and Lead entities are in use.Clickdimensions relies on Dynamics business processes to run automation events, which means if there's a lot going on then it can snarl up the CRM server significantly.Getting data imported into CRM and Clickdimensions is extremely clunky - when it doesn't fail entirely, it is often buggy.


The UI is user-friendly
Easy to automate complex business processes
Easy to integrate with a different data sources like Zendesk, Jira, Hubspot.
Steep learning curve at first
Some features are not clearly explained
Issues connecting google sheets as a reliable data source.

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