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Category: Learning Management System
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Cloud Assess reviews

Delivering training and assessments to students, marking, filling out forms.

- Sonja H. Assessor

I would recommend to anyone that is looking for a highly functional , modern LSM and the help chat is great , [SENSITIVE CONTENT] are outstanding in there assistance and guidance.

- Jasmine J. Account Manager

Integrating html/scorm is not as visually appealing and doesn't integrate mapping for assessments.

- Rob B. CEO

Schoox reviews

Schoox provides a wonderful tool that can be utilized in a variety of ways beginning with improving communication, enhancing employee development, and ensuring compliance with its tracking mechanisms and reporting capabilities. It is a product that adds value from the moment it is utilized, and more importantly, creates new value through the efficiency of technology and the capability of bringing teams together with a common development and communication platform.

- Leisa C. Vice President, Human Resources

Our experience with Schoox has been flawless. Schoox provides all the functionality expected in a Learning Management System. It's easy to get started with, and provides the administrative and operational functionality we need. Clients have also commented favorably on its intuitive structure, ease of use and accessibility.

- Nick S. CEO

Great system as long as you either have a learning direction and philosophy established or are open to whatever the consultant you hire to implement suggests. Not great for those who have a wishy washy learning vision or indecisive team.

- Brice W. Managing Director

Pros & cons

Cloud Assess

Very good experience, always willing to help and accepting of feedback or wish list items
The team at Cloud Assess are always super helpful with any issues we have
Audit friendly with the persistent storage of all records
Useful reporting on all system-wide activities
Training is good and they are responsive for the most part."

Reporting functions are a little rigid and could do with more options
Limitations on tables (unable to add drop downs selections in, cant change table widths) unable to change font colour or type in tables
The search/filtering when using the portal as an admin/power is frustrating as it constantly resets
No document library attached to user so every upload is only in assessments and units
Sometimes technology fails which can be frustrating at times."


I love the student dashboard, I can get a snapshot view of student progress to see who may need some extra help
I like how easy it is to create tests and the ability to give out awards to top learners
SchooX also connects to HotSchedules nicely, so it's easy for staff to find
The fact it is easy to learn how to use and made my training at my new job faster and learned alot more being able to use this site at home or on the go
Good product for learning and teaching employees."

Long story short, we are a large quick-service restaurant chain and were unhappy with our LMS provider and looking for a change
So it was frustrating not knowing the 'higher level' offerings right out of the gate
I cant really say there is anything that i dislike about it
Some of the wording on the quizzes can be tough but i believe that is a user errror
We have had bad experiences with notifications and recently I received a notification that I was terminated from our academy."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


20M+ downloads

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