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Cloud Campaign

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Category: Social media Tool

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Most popular feedback for Cloud Campaign

Cloud Campaign has allowed us to increase productivity while keeping our costs in check! If you are a growing agency they are worth it!

Ryan W

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Most popular feedback for Pixelied

Overall Pixelied is a great software for graphic design and image editing. Very easy to use and doesn't require a lot of power to run. I love using this software to create YouTube thumbnails. I recommend this software to those looking to flavor their social media posts.

Micalen R.

About Pixelied

Pixelied is an easy-to-use design solution which allows users to create stunning ready-made designs from 25+ formats, access to millions of stock photos, icons and illustrations. It provides a full suite of design editing tools, like background remover and product mockups, for the most common uses, tailored for businesses. Invite, collaborate and share your designs with your team on multiple brand workspaces.

Cloud Campaign reviews

Overall, I would say that my experience with Cloud Campaign has been great. I look forward to seeing what this platform can do as it grows and adapts to the current trends in social media.

- Khloé K. Marketing Associate

I love being able to schedule my posts and get customized analytics reports for my content. It streamlines my workload to be able to load up content ahead of time, and I actively use the analytics to decide what types of content to create moving forward.

- Amanda S. Marketing & Social Media Manager

I don't find it intuitive to use. I've been using it for several months and I still have to dig around to find things. The reps had to work with me for quite a while in the beginning to figure out what was causing the issues I was having that they'd never seen before. The reporting feature doesn't work well for a large number of accounts. Getting the Instagram autoposting set up is a bit tricky, but it works once completed.

- Anita K owner

Pixelied reviews

Overall, I'm pleased with Pixelied. In the past, I've used I use Stencil, DesignBold and Crello, but this Pixelied replaces all of them and will be my main graphic design tool in the future.

- Tara-Tamiko, D. Marketing Consultant

Great!! I'm a big fan and it really does save me a lot of time when creating social media posts as I use it pretty much every day for work.

- Phil D. SEO Specialist

I hope its Background Remover tool can allow users to remove or keep a certain part of the background, especially on the minute details. It would be great if users can have a marker to indicate/draw the demarcation for remover.

- Hak Chong L. Principal Designer

Pros & cons

Cloud Campaign

Compared to other social platforms, cloud campaign is by far the easiest and most functional
There are so many great features that help us increase our productivity and keep our clients happy
I really love how cloud campaign is set up like a calendar and it is very easy to see if your client has approved or disapproved of the posts you created
The ability to add clients, get them trained and deploy social calendars with minimal effort is awesome
I manage over 200 accounts for our clients and cloud campaign has simply made this possible to deliver the content to their feeds daily
I love how responsive their team is."
Posting videos is sometimes a challenge
Also, I don't like that it frequently disconnects our accounts
Frequents failures to post to Twitter, inability to export content library, and lack of 2-way alerts to clients re: post approval comments can be frustrating
As an agency, I have to pay $200/month or so for 5 client accounts...even though I'm really only using 1 right now
The onboarding process can be a little tricky if you don't do it often."


I am happy overall basically because this will help me be more creative without being too creative
The resizing and multiple templates to choose from
It's great for inspiration and creating social media images
The templates, free/pro are modern and beautiful
Background removal and also the ability to edit illustrations is something that you don't see in most of the products in the same category
Its realitively easy to create nice looking layouts from scratch even if you're not a designer but there are also a large number of good looking templates available."
Pixelied is the new soft on the block about digital design tool
Some small bugs to be ironed out
Background removal tool on "hardest" images can fail and has no settings to fine-tune the results
Also I came across this problem (only http or https URLs can be downloaded) when I was trying to download an email header that I designed on Pixelied with my phone browsers
Promising tool with slow development going the wrong way."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.

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