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Cloudinary reviews

I primarily use Cloudinary for cloud storage for web applications I build and deploy on Heroku. Since initially using it, I've begun storing many types of files within it.

- Christian K. Programmer Analyst

Cloudinary is a highly flexible digital asset storage and distribution plaform.

- Mayank G. CEO, Founder

Some features can be confusing to activate such as automatically transcoding videos - Annual pricing offer was not clear in sign-up process - Web interface needed some experimentation to learn

- Graham B. Solution Architect

Ideta reviews

The time I've been there has seemed to me an application of a very good level and very advanced functionalities (more than expected). I was positively impressed with everything it brings.

- Edison Augusto P. CEO

I had a great experience using Ideta. Although easy to use, is full of features that I havent seen in other chatbots and I believe is really promising. For example the comments automation for Facebook. The more I know the software, the more I enjoy it.

- Jorge T. CEO & Founder

some software buggs during the production

- Youness B. Digital innovation officer

Pros & cons


Easy and effective way to optimise images on the web
But the thing that I like about Cloudinary most is their "Transformations" features
Best of all, Cloudinary's free plan is more than enough for new websites, so now I can proudly say that I've got dozens of happy clients
I absolutely love the fact that I can upload an image and perform nearly any kind of transformation to it that I need in order to get it to display the way I need it to in my web applications."

Not sure if it's user error on my part, but I had the exact name of the jpg file I was looking for, tried to search for it and no results were found
But what is not acceptable to us is the fact that e-mails go unanswered for a couple of days and the support on the business side is very weak
If you have a thousand images being repeatedly transformed into the same transformation a million times a month, those transformations become extremely costly
There are no features that I dislike about this software as a general user for now."


Easy to use and to connect
Really perfect to create a bot without coding and great support
These videos are fun, with the company mascot
Overall the team is responsive and very helpful
Ideta is an extremely powerful chat-bot software that plays a crucial role in the operations of my business
I absolutely love that you can scale this bot to be as simple or complex as you want
I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase, and am very impressed with Ideta."

Too many functionalities which can disturb for administrators
At the moment, very few things
It's always a little bit difficult to configure a tchatbot but this one is much more easyer than other ones i used in the past
My biggest issue was deleting things I created wrong and trying to recreate them
Sometimes you can struggle with UI, but they have many tutorials there."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


20M+ downloads

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