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Compliance & CE

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Cornerstone LMS

Category: Learning Management System
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Compliance & CE reviews

We have been able to convert all our major documents into electronic document control format without having the need to carry paper manuals. Automatic reminders for reviews when they are due saves lot of time & reduces stress on managers. Ability to print employee reports for procedure review is also another great feature.

- Hema O. Director

I love that the answers to questions are explained in depth and that it had questions that covered different areas of study such as hematology, chemistry, microbiology, etc. I also enjoyed the ability to select different types of mock quizzes, test, game mode was my favorite and that I could select the number of questions I wanted to answer.

- Aileen E. CLS

Our technologists like the ability to acquire their CE credits with this software, but it would be even better if I could allow them to have access to it outside of our business. I subscribe to multiple modules but would like to make only the CE portion available outside of the facility, while other modules remain white-listed. Currently I must restrict it, because either all of the modules are accessible, or all are not.

- Lisa D. Quality Manager

Cornerstone LMS reviews

Prior to Cornerstone, we didn't have a single place where people could interact and see all of their training. We have leveraged certifications so that expiration dates are easy to find as well as utilizing playlists to help people get topical resources easily.

- Tina P. LMS Administrator

continuous innovations and adaptations to the needs of companies and employees. As a training platform it is very solid and complete.

- Ruben F. HR Tech and People Analytics

Absolutely awful, once you sign that contract no one responds to you in a timeline manner. You get a lot of "that is how the system is built, can't help you" answers. They have a great sales team and awful everything else.

- Johann C. Learning Manager

Pros & cons

Compliance & CE

Easy to use and the variety of courses to take is very good
I enjoy the ease as well as an administrator setting up new employees into the system
Everything, I enjoyed utilizing the program it was very effective in delivering the results in the ability to help solidify and retain knowledge
We absoluty love the ease of use of Medialab
I like being able to login to see how my employees are doing
The program was easy to learn with some practice
It was easy to make corrections unlike other emr software."

It becomes worse when it requires me to enter two password for a single login
It takes me a lot of time because I always login logout the app while I am studying on train
As a traveler, sometimes the facility that I'm working at has a MediaLab account
If I complete CE's on their account there is no way for me to transfer my work to my personal account when I leave
The interface can be a bit confusing at times
There are places that icons and or links just are not very intuitive
It seems that there is some redundancy in some of the processes
Having to take different steps for the end result can get frustrating."

Cornerstone LMS

What made me amazed about this software is ita ability to assign trainings to a maximum number of users
Quarterly upgrades make this software more efficient and relevant to users
Overall I am very happy with the tool chosen and would recommend it to others
There is a great underlying structure to Cornerstone Learning
The functionality is there and they are some very powerful features to help with automation and managing learning for your organization
My overall experience with Cornerstone OnDemand has been excellent."

End users complain that it is too big and too hard for them to navigate
Absolutely awful, once you sign that contract no one responds to you in a timeline manner
You get a lot of "that is how the system is built, can't help you" answers
Mix of old/new functionality can be confusing: as updates are rolled out piece by piece it can feel a bit disjointed
Some pieces within the modules do not have the same behavior across the board which can make it very frustrating at times."

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