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Contentful reviews

Feature rich, dense and feels mature. Still, the "not so great bits" of Contentful ended up being deal breakers and made us switch to other options on the market.

- Cesar M. Senior Frontend Architect

It´s an easy tool to help you create and/or modify websites. The best feature in my opinion? the autosave, you can count on Contentful to have your back if anything happens as all your work will be there where you left it. It has a friendly interface that allows you to work on the platform even if you´re new to it (I find it to be intuitive).

- Melanie M. Marketing Coordinator Associate

It has a simple user interface and a small learning curve. It provides a powerful open API integration that allows you to connect with any third party application. It makes it easy to configure our content workflow to fit today's needs. The tool also has editing options available for published content and preview of the changes made.

- Brett R. Software Engineer

PaintShop Pro reviews

I used PSP back in the 90s/early 2000s but I prefer Adobe over it. It is a good alternative if you have to use it but I think Adobe still corners the market on the graphic designer programs to beat.

- Kristin R. Sr. Graphics Specialist

There is nothing about this program that I dislike other than the price. It's fairly expensive, but totally worth the price in the long run in my opinion. I have really experienced no problems at all. I wish however that there were a Mac version of PSP.

- Christina G. WAH Remote Customer Service Agent

The interface is not as intuitive as users might want. Although simple tasks are straightforward, there can be a learning curve for more advanced editing. Some features can be really difficult to figure out.

- Keith W. Vice President of Consulting Services

Pros & cons


We switched to Contentful as a way of consolidating our CMS from three to one
Development is currently ongoing, but I am over the moon with how effective it has been for us to work with Contentful
Contentful is a fantastic tool for writing and managing content
In the few years that we have been working with various CMSs, Contentful has been very successful and one of the safest and most well-designed decisions is being made for your organization
Very positive overall experience
The product is clearly "enterprise ready."

I also get frustrated when I make an existing field that is required and there is no notification that the content doesn't match the new criteria
You can get lost if you don't know what you're doing
Previewing content prior to publication is limited
I notice also that they don't offer phone support, only email
I can only imagine how frustrating they would be in action if they're this hard to get information out of before purchase."

PaintShop Pro

Simple to learn and use, lots of functions, and amazing results
Ve always loved PaintShop because it's simple to use, and to learn, but provides great results
Overall, I do recommend Paintshop Pro because it's the best affordable photo enhancer and it has nice special effects features
Paint shop pro will be one of my favorite graphic program for editing images and make gif (yes, because you can even make some gif in there!)."

The worst of PaintShop Pro are: Does not have a good integration with other apps that complement it and lacks precision in some tools
There are no powerful correcting functions to smooth out lines, take away the shaky lines
Corels view for solving all photographers problems
No cloud storage or MAC version
Makes it where you need Photoshop if you use a MAC."

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