Course Hero vs LearnWorlds

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Course Hero

Category: Homework Help and Tutor
Industries: Academia


Monthly Plan - $39.99per month

Quarterly Plan - $19.95per month

Annual Plan - $9.95per month


Category: Homework Help and Tutor
Industries: Education, Communication


Starter for only $29 per month

Pro Trainer for only $99 per month

Learning Center $299 per month

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Course Hero reviews

I can upload ten documents of my own to gain access to the work of other students and professors. There is a large database that you can use to reference work

- sovira c.

I like it When you take a course; you can access documents of people who have taken the same class which can be of crucial help to you. I like how easy it is to navigate the platform. Course hero pays tutors well.

- Abdelkadir B.

Great supplemental material for a variety of subjects!

- Joanna G.

LearnWorlds reviews

I'm really impressed with Learnworlds. It really does have everything you need for an online course/s and community. It's very easy to set up, and also gives lots of ways to change up the look or function of each page too. Also, the support is really good because they actually go in to your school and screen shot exactly how to do whatever you've asked about, so it's not a generic support answer, it's very specific to your own needs.

- Sharon

"I was initially excited and relieved I had found LearnWorlds..." What do you like best about LearnWorlds? Prior to figuring out what LMS even is, and then having it dawn on me to simply compare LMS sites that offer a platform for online startups, I was going back and forth with one much smaller LMS site for probably about six months. I don't want to hurt that company, so I'll leave out their name, but where they went wrong was actually in their approach to customer service. At any rate, I even later found ones in Russia; all over really. Maybe more than 15 in total? So, when I say I was initially relieved and excited, it was for a reason. When I first saw what LearnWorlds offered in terms of design, I thought it was going to be too expensive. Most of the previous sites I had found didn't even know how to explain in layman's terms what they offered. Seriously! For instance, do you want your users to think they are on your site and not on another? With these guys, that's exactly what you can decide. As in, your web address doesn't change. To the end user, it all appears to be [your site]. No extra cost, nothing. Just to get that simple piece of information as a layman... isn't as simple as it sounds. Think about it: You have a company or business you're setting up, and so you want a new internet site for it. Where do you start? Tilda? Wix? Paying like 50k to a team of developers? 50k could be cheap, depending on what you need! Here, it's all there, right out of the box. Will you need a payment terminal? Will you need your clients to have their own, personal accounts? What about something like internal messaging? How about a newsfeed? What about billing your clients? How about whether the design format of the site fits your product or service? What about even choosing the design format of your site in a simple 1, 2, 3; A, B, C fashion? With them, it's really like that. As well, some other LMS sites are much too big for most people's needs. As in "the university of Cambridge" too big. What I like best about LearnWorlds (and I wish I could find a more genuine way to say this) really is the entire thing. Their prices are really good(!), their team is really cool (I promise!), and what they offer is actually well-done! What sucks about reviews today is that they can simply be bought to make the service seem better than it genuinely is. Or, in a lot of cases, what reviews really do is just tell future prospective customers that "the product has arrived..." (where their excitement only tells us that the company is not a scam rather than how well the product works, what it's like, etc). My first month with them was free, and I found out I have my own coach that you can video call basically at any time. Mine is Artemis, who just saved me $1800. I had contacted her to ask if I could hire her team to finish the rest of the work for me because I don't have a lot of time, and she said "you can do that if you want: here's the price and here's what you'll get in ten days, but honestly you don't really need it because you're nearly there." Think about how many companies would basically [never] tell you that... but instead just pocket the $1800 to walk you a few feet across the finish line. In their case, the finish line isn't after a marathon, but they shrink that marathon down into just a few city blocks. When it's not necessary to do video calls or the like (if you have questions that are simple "1, 2, 3 type" stuff), you just ask and you get your answer in like 30 minutes, maybe an hour tops. It's by email when it's like that, but the emails are really clear (with pictures, arrows etc., and it's a real person that speaks perfect English. --I'm a professor of English, so, my statement is qualified). In short, don't waste your time reading more of my review, just go see them for yourself and even compare them to other LMS sites. You'll see: Very reasonable and very nice product. Even if there are other companies I didn't find, well then there are some other good companies out there. Surprise surprise. In that case, this is one of those companies! Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about LearnWorlds? There were a few minor changes I wanted to make here or there that weren't as easy to change as I would have liked, but what I did like about them is that my customer success manager (that's what they call them, I like to think of her more as a coach) tried to find a workaround so that it would be easier. I honestly can't think of anything else I haven't liked. Review collected by and hosted on What problems is LearnWorlds solving and how is that benefiting you? They are solving the problem of having an idea (wanting an online business) and trying to execute it on my own (when in reality, it could cost countless thousands of dollars and be really complicated). Don't believe me, try it on your own. You'll meet countless people that give you different price quotes; countless sites that offer you the service of finding different professionals... you'll need special usage dictionaries to help you learn what the professions you need are even called... Knowing where to start takes a lot of backtracking and a lot of time and money. I lost over $1500 paying various professionals on Tilda to do stuff that with them is just another part of their service.

- Justin C.

LearnWorlds is the most complete and innovative LMS with the best and most responsive customer support team. The team is constantly innovating and providing added value. The learner's user experience is so slick and modern with easily customisable web pages. The LMS supports a variety of content with interactive videos, bulk management and new features enabling 1-2-1 meeting bookings and B2B seat offerings; second to none. They provide you with tools you didn't even know existed. Thinkific, Teachable, etc., don't even compare. I have tried most, and LW is in a different league. Their customer support team gets it! They could be competing with Amazon for Earth's most customer-centric company. It's worth every penny invested in as it keeps on delivering - a premium product.

- Martin A.

Pros & cons

Course Hero

Huge catalog
Quality study material
Frequently updated content

High premium membership cost
Low pay for tutors
Soem questions require significant time and detailed explanation


Very easy to set up and create courses
Does not require any technical skills to use
Comes with built-in course authoring capabilities

No pre-built sales funnels
Does not support TinCan
Offers limited built-in email marketing capabilities

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