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Creatrix Campus

Category: Learning Management System
Industries: Education, Business


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Category: Learning Management System
Industries: Education, Business


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Creatrix Campus reviews

End to end solution.with accreditation module embedded in it

- Indira B. Dean

Creatrix systems have shown me and us as an organization to be very useful when we need to make quick decisions with immediate solutions. Creatrix is the ideal tool for getting a comprehensive overview of all the different details about our organization, from leads to admission and sales on a single platform. With Creatrix, we were able to present and communicate our data effectively. There are simple graphic charts and photos that can convey the intended message, hence keeping everyone on our team in the loop.

- Jess F. Admission Officer

We have always experienced problems with financial aid calculations that are occasionally incorrect and interfere with the invoice presentation. Thankfully, the Creatrix team are always quick to rectify these issues.

- Mohd K. Admission Officer

Eduflow reviews

Eduflow is extremely user-friendly, both from a content authoring and learner experience perspective. We have been able to integrate Eduflow with our LMS, which allows for seamless enrollment and completion tracking. Additionally, we have been able to scale our virtual training program thanks to Eduflow by using the peer and instructor review activities paired with group discussions and practice opportunities. Some of our programs view Eduflow as the one-stop-shop for learners, creating multi-week experiences in the platform. Eduflow now functions as our peer-to-peer social learning platform where we create personalized learning experiences for our learners that foster authentic skills application and practice opportunities.

- Laura J Technical Business Lead

It makes it easy for me to teach my students

- Cheikh B. Computer Software, Self-employed

There are still a few features that I would like to see - group feedback, Padlet integration and features that enable student interaction online. It looks, however, like these are under development!

- Erika G. Professor

Pros & cons

Creatrix Campus

Yes, I suggest that every educational institute and universities can use this software with trust
Best Student Management/information System software
This product covers most of the daily issues with the campus
Our team enjoys using Creatrix
Very useful platform to manage data at each level
Can store maximum data and do minute analysis."

Downloading master file and extraction takes time ulto 3 hr also searching for a name is difficult
Suppose if there is 13 Rewa named person User need to type Rewa for 13 times to get all the data
Creatrix - A one stop Student Information System
We have always experienced problems with financial aid calculations that are occasionally incorrect and interfere with the invoice presentation."


Eduflow has allowed me to free my time while increasing the quality of learning
They liked that I (the instructor) could give prompts and questions that helped focus their feedback
This was something my students enjoyed and learned from in our in-person classes, but how could I replicate the honest feedback and exchange of ideas in an online format
This has both saved me loads of time and increased the quality student work significantly."

If we were to use Eduflow as our sole LMS, we would miss more participant admin features
Peer Review activity is simply ignored most of the time, no matter how much we stress the importance of it
Also in the highest package, there is not that much to do for our UX designer to make the whole course in our own style
Only limited writing styles
At the end of the year, when multiple assignments have been posted, it is difficult to read the data
I have to keep scrolling to find the information."

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Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


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