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Creatrix Campus

Category: Learning Management System
Industries: Education, Business


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Category: Learning Management System
Industries: Education, Business


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Creatrix Campus reviews

End to end solution.with accreditation module embedded in it

- Indira B. Dean

Creatrix systems have shown me and us as an organization to be very useful when we need to make quick decisions with immediate solutions. Creatrix is the ideal tool for getting a comprehensive overview of all the different details about our organization, from leads to admission and sales on a single platform. With Creatrix, we were able to present and communicate our data effectively. There are simple graphic charts and photos that can convey the intended message, hence keeping everyone on our team in the loop.

- Jess F. Admission Officer

We have always experienced problems with financial aid calculations that are occasionally incorrect and interfere with the invoice presentation. Thankfully, the Creatrix team are always quick to rectify these issues.

- Mohd K. Admission Officer

LearnDash reviews

Overall, LearnDash has made managing a large catalog of content (50 + courses) very easy. I can quickly add courses, and the quality looks great. The features I get with video lessons, feel like custom developement and something I paid ALOT of money for, but they are included for free.

- Will D. Owner

LearnDash makes it possible for our members to learn English more easily thanks to quizzes and interactive lessons and learning paths (progress tracking, personalized corrections, asynchronous learning and so on).

- Adrien J. President

I spent about 20 hours installing this plug-in and trying to set it up in WordPress before I stopped and decided to go with Teachable, which is another LMS platform. I was paying $30 a month for LearnDash but it's not at all worth $30 a month. The support was poor and the user experience felt like the plug-in itself hadn't been updated in a very long time. If I was using it for free I would've thought it would've been worth it, but to pay monthly for it is not worth the amount of time and energy that it took me to set up basic functions .

- Aimee S. Director

Pros & cons

Creatrix Campus

Yes, I suggest that every educational institute and universities can use this software with trust
Best Student Management/information System software
This product covers most of the daily issues with the campus
Our team enjoys using Creatrix
Very useful platform to manage data at each level
Can store maximum data and do minute analysis."

Downloading master file and extraction takes time ulto 3 hr also searching for a name is difficult
Suppose if there is 13 Rewa named person User need to type Rewa for 13 times to get all the data
Creatrix - A one stop Student Information System
We have always experienced problems with financial aid calculations that are occasionally incorrect and interfere with the invoice presentation."


The add-on library is fairly large to help expand its capabilities
It's a popular tool with a lot of resources online to help learn how to make the most of it
The Course Grid View feature with video previews and custom layouts is also exceptional
The codebase is robust and it's got a lot of fantastic documentation
Great support is a big plus
They are professional and kind and give useful answers and also lots of useful hints
It is designed with all the basic essentials and some advanced ones to be able to deliver good quality courses."

Very hard to integrate with existing customized website (theme, plugins, etc)
GravityForms integration virtually useless
It has an overall extremely complicated URL structure, which makes SEO hard to achieve
And there is no option to make it shorter
If you miss this, nobody will get the email
If "user" was the default recipient, you wouldn't have to double-check in most instances
I had to go thru some trouble related to plugins bugs, and also my limited knowledge on the software and wordpress itself."

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