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Creatrix Campus

Category: Learning Management System
Industries: Education, Business


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Category: Learning Management System
Industries: Education, Business








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Creatrix Campus reviews

End to end solution.with accreditation module embedded in it

- Indira B. Dean

Creatrix systems have shown me and us as an organization to be very useful when we need to make quick decisions with immediate solutions. Creatrix is the ideal tool for getting a comprehensive overview of all the different details about our organization, from leads to admission and sales on a single platform. With Creatrix, we were able to present and communicate our data effectively. There are simple graphic charts and photos that can convey the intended message, hence keeping everyone on our team in the loop.

- Jess F. Admission Officer

We have always experienced problems with financial aid calculations that are occasionally incorrect and interfere with the invoice presentation. Thankfully, the Creatrix team are always quick to rectify these issues.

- Mohd K. Admission Officer

WizIQ reviews

Ever since I used Wiziq I did not have any issues in conducting online classes, it gives easy access to students without anysign-up or registration. All they have to use is a invitation link, which could be one -time or recurring. The platform is easy to use and the customer service is the best. They are very friendly and they take personal care of each client, but sometimes it can be hard to reach immediate solutions.

- Hudha I. Operations Coordinator

Impressive how i can usually pre record a lesson anf upload it for my students as a lecture class or conduct live classes throud audio and video transmission for an interactive lectures.

- Arabella G. Lecturer

we have used one year wiziq LMs and system was down all the time during covid. Customer support doesnt respond at all. They had a huge hacking to thier servers. Without formal informal they upgrade systems during our live classes. They do noit test before deploy. thier servers are very weak. cannot handl emore than 20 students at a time.

- Mohammed N. Senior softwre programmer

Pros & cons

Creatrix Campus

Yes, I suggest that every educational institute and universities can use this software with trust
Best Student Management/information System software
This product covers most of the daily issues with the campus
Our team enjoys using Creatrix
Very useful platform to manage data at each level
Can store maximum data and do minute analysis."

Downloading master file and extraction takes time ulto 3 hr also searching for a name is difficult
Suppose if there is 13 Rewa named person User need to type Rewa for 13 times to get all the data
Creatrix - A one stop Student Information System
We have always experienced problems with financial aid calculations that are occasionally incorrect and interfere with the invoice presentation."


My experience was the best
Thanks to WizIq I was able to bring my math grades up to a 98% average , the person who saw the most improvement was my math teacher
Good features are there- Like i can see the reports of learners of my course and also can track the growth of them
Test results and graphical representation
The recording and enrolling features
The ability to customize your platform
Very cool aesthetics and easy use for end users
The ability to create and sell online courses is really cool."

It happened twice that the audio on the system was no working
My students could not hear me and I tried it out on 3 different computers
They don't respond to his emails
He even requests clients to contact the founder to complain about the poor support so his subordinates may react
Ongoing Problematic bugs affecting the software, resulting in poor teacher and student experience
Unresolved technical issues with Wordpress plugin
Don't get trapped by fake reviews posted by WizIQ employees or hired reviewers."

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