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Dyslexia Quest

Category: Apps for Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities

Industries: Education


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Category: Apps for Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities

Industries: Pupils, Children, Teachers, People with dyslexia



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"Speechify is absolutely brilliant. Growing up with dyslexia this would have made a big difference. I’m so glad to have it today."

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Most popular feedback for Dyslexia Quest

Parents need to know Dyslexia Quest is designed to help assess your child's memory and listening skills. It is divided into six areas that each take about 10 minutes to play. If you have a child who struggles with distractibility, it may be best to play this app in increments to get the best results. Activities are divided into three age groups: 7 to 10, 11 to 16, and 17 and up. The goal is to assess working memory, phonological awareness, processing speed, visual sequential memory, and visual memory. Upon completion of each adventure, you're given scores and details about your strengths and weaknesses. Kids can continue to work within the app to help improve any areas of weakness.

Vicki Windman

About Dyslexia Quest

One of the top dyslexia applications for children to help them start reading well is Dyslexia Quest. With the help of this app, people with dyslexia and other learning difficulties will have the resources they need to succeed. A game-based quest called Dyslexia Quest is intended to help you evaluate your child's memory and listening abilities. It serves as a basic skills screener to detect strengths and shortcomings, guiding parents in the proper route. It employs games to evaluate a child's abilities in the following areas: visual sequential order, auditory sequential memory, working memory, phonological awareness, and visual memory.

Most popular feedback for vBookz

In-text Cited Sources I absolutely love the app. Although, I would love there to be an update where I could choose the option to not have the in-text cited sources read allowed in the articles within my library. It often distracts and corrupts the flow of a very interesting sentence. Overall, great app! Thank you!

Site Sources

About vBookz

A High Quality US English voice is already included in vBookz PDF Voice Reader. vBookz will read your PDF files out loud. The best way to read and follow documents on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod is using this method. In order to improve the reading experience, vBookz Voice Reader provides navigation and orientation options. To make sure they are understanding what is being read, users can utilize an interactive cursor to follow along, pause, or even repeat sentences. The vBookz PDF Voice Reader can open PDF documents from Mail, Dropbox, Google Drive, Safari, and other applications. "Files can speak out by themselves as in the magical land," says vBookz PDF Voice Reader review at - Best10Apps.com. Mobile device users may find it difficult to read PDF files. When reading small letters while moving, it is challenging to focus. Moreover, you will discover that vBookz PDF Voice Reader is quite beneficial while working with PDF documents in various languages. More often than not, hearing is a much better form of support. There is no need for conversion or pre-recorded audio files with the vBookz PDF Voice Reader's live text-to-speech feature. It is a fresh method of reading enjoyment. PDF documents in 16 different languages can be read aloud by vBookz PDF Voice Reader. The following languages are available for purchase using the in-app method: English (UK), French, German, Finnish, Dutch (NL), Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Danish, Norwegian, Czech, and Russian. The vBookz PDF Voice Reader is for you if you want a better way to read documents or just want to increase your own productivity. real text PDF files can be read by vBookz. OCR-scanned PDFs of images.

Dyslexia Quest reviews

A fabulous offer to avail of to support with home learning. @NessyLearning is a motivating resource to support phonics and reading at home. @Taaleem @DubaiBritishEH #homelearning #supportforparents

- Nessy Retweeted Inclusion | Dubai British School @DBS_Inclusion · Sep 9

HA and FM enjoyed practising reading and spelling on Nessy. @NessyLearning #year6 #spelling #reading #SPAG #nessy #fun #games #intervention #learning #motivation #joy #success #MJS

- MJS @ManorJuniors · 22h

Check out Phonics 3 available free until the 14th! Words 1 : A great way to learn tricky words is available from the 14th - 21st September. I have both apps and highly recommend them! @NessyLearning @Gourockpr @gps_PC

- Nessy Retweeted MrsDsflGourock @mrs_dsfl · Sep 12

vBookz reviews

Works well It does sound a bit digital but once I settle in to listening I understand it very well. Really love the dialects font! The app does need a bookmark feature.

- bujums

Amazing Technology! For an application on a smart phone, this is probably the most useful app ever had! I use this application to listen to textbooks. It works with dropbox so that I can print sections of my text books, open them from Dropbox using vBookz, & listen! One major benefit is that it stores the files locally on the phone storage, and does not require an Internet connection to read the files aloud. This enables listening on airplanes that do not have Wi-Fi connections (or saves paying the fee for access). This app does say words "Incorrectly", but usually they are not so much incorrect as they are out of context. (BI - abbreviation for business intelligence is said bi, like bi-lateral.) If the author used B.I., it may have read it correctly. This should not prevent anybody who wants to have books read aloud to them (while exercising, driving, or resting your eyes from hours of reading) from getting this, because it truly is an amazing application!

- Anthonyalessi74

Excellently working Excellently working but Shuffling while reading some of the books, Not reads in the order of content is displayed, for example, it reads directly the the second para without reading first. Suggestion:- before buying these apps read your pdf book through speak option in iBooks or free apps, if it meets your requirement then purchase these vbz & vdr apps. These apps are exactly works same like iBook and not works like acrobat pdf reader readout loud feature, only difference observed between iBooks and these apps(vbz & vdr), ibooks reads out loud only upon selection. Vbz & vdr apps reads out loud whole book with or without selection.

- mvpos

Pros & cons

Dyslexia Quest

Friendly design developed specifically for iPad
Diagrams are easy to build - and save instantly
Create an unlimited number of documents


Seriously annoyed!!!!Wasted my $5 on this purchase
This app NO LONGER is supported by google because google only allows browsers to confirm log in info which this app is not being used as a browser interface (according to error message given by google upon selecting them as the source to upload documents)
Totally annoyed!!!!!!!

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