Dyslexia Reader Chrome vs SnapType Pro SNAPTYPE, LLC

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Dyslexia Reader Chrome

Category: Apps for Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities

Industries: Pupils, Children, Teachers, People with dyslexia


Category: Apps for Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities

Industries: Education, Business Services, Industry: Computer Software Development and Applications



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"Speechify is absolutely brilliant. Growing up with dyslexia this would have made a big difference. I’m so glad to have it today."

Sir Richard Branson

About Dyslexia Reader Chrome

A Google Chrome addon that makes text simpler to read is called Dyslexia Reader Chrome. Text properties including font, font size, character spacing, column width, background color, text color, and line spacing are modified to settings that have been proved to make text easier for readers with dyslexia, albeit these values are changeable. The extension can be enabled or disabled globally or by a specific domain.

Most popular feedback for SnapType Pro SNAPTYPE, LLC

Valuable tool I have been using SnapType Pro as a tool for my special education students for 3 years because it serves students with a wide range of abilities. My students who can use a keyboard quickly learn how to independently snap a picture of their assignment and immediately start working just as their peers are doing. My students who use AAC on an ipad for communication can compose each of their answers on their AAC app, hit ‘copy’, flip over to the SnapType app and paste it directly on the worksheet or whatever else the class is using. Once completed, they hit ‘share’ and they email it to me or upload it into their Seesaw journal, Google drive, etc. We are getting excellent technology like Chromebooks in the classroom now, but the ipad is always with us, whether we are working in the library or maybe outside in the garden, and there is no need to log in so we find it very helpful and convenient.


About SnapType Pro SNAPTYPE, LLC

Ideal For Difficult Handwriters Even if their handwriting puts them back in class, SnapType enables children to stay up with their peers. Students experience greater self-assurance, intelligence, and independence. For pupils of all ages, SnapType is enjoyable and simple to use. The best part is that SnapType helps avoid behavioral meltdowns during homework! Students have the option to complete worksheets without handwriting using SnapType Pro. Users of SnapType can import worksheets from any location on their smartphone or take a picture of their worksheets. People of all ages who might have trouble with traditional pen and paper handwriting activities might use SnapType. By adding text to forms and worksheets using the keyboard on their device, SnapType users may complete these documents and print, email, or share them. Even if their handwriting puts them back in class, SnapType enables children to stay up with their peers. Using an iPad or iPhone, students can simply do their schoolwork.

Dyslexia Reader Chrome reviews

This is really helpful for websites. :) We ran it on slack and it changes the fonts fine. Did have to turn off the background and foreground colour changers, as they caused screen to blink a lot and patches to go completely dark. Recommended to configure with a font that you like (which is a super personal choice).

- Ariane van der Steldt

God awfull All it does is change teh font to a super skinny one that is large making it harder to read, it sucks.

- J. Salmonson (darkocean)

SnapType Pro SNAPTYPE, LLC reviews

"Dear Amberlynn, Thank you so much for creating this app. You have changed the way my 12 year old son with dyspraxia functions in school. He is more independent and I cannot thank you enough. Please continue to help kids like my son. You are changing lives. Thank you."

- App Store Review

"I just wanted to personally thank you for creating it, as this is an app that I use nearly every day with my son to do his homework. You have created an app with a simple interface, but with an incredibly powerful impact. Thank you."

- App Store Review

"SnapType has helped my dysgraphic son so much! Writing used to be so painful and frustrating for him, but now he just snaps a picture of his assignment, types his answers on the page, and feels VERY good about being able to do his work as well and as quickly as his peers. A thousand thanks for this wonderful app!"

- App Store Review

Pros & cons


Allows you to edit a pdf document or a photo you took on your ipad
Intuitive, simple controls make it good for young usersTypes black letters on yellow background (high contrast) but the background or text color can’t be changed in settings
Easy to erase or move text you’ve already typed
Enhanced legibility option under settings allows you to choose from 7 different filter colors
If you are already zoomed in, you can’t move around your document when you have the draw tool selected
You will end up drawing on the screen
(See video)
Icons for the draw and text tools are very small (about ⅛ inch tall)
There is no erase button for the draw feature, only undo, so if you have to erase something you drew you need to undo repeatedly

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