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Easel ly

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Category: Social media Tool

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Most popular feedback for Easel ly

It is an excellent platform for creating infographics. I like that I can easily log in with Gmail or Facebook, I like that it has several options to create animated infographics this is useful to capture the attention of the reader, I have used Easel.ly, in my organization already that we are constantly training ourselves and we need a simple way to transmit data and information in the form of an infographic. Something I like is that it has a good user experience, even for Basic users.

Enrique j.

About Easel ly

Our goal at Easel.ly is to inspire and enable anyone to represent an idea in a visual way. Tens of thousands of small businesses, educators and students use Easel.ly each month to create infographics.

Most popular feedback for Piktochart

When I need to do infographics, Piktochart is the software I use. It's online and has the right tools to create professional graphics that look great. It's not a task I do frequently, but when I do, I use this software. I don't have deep knowledge of design or code and with this application I've been able to make infographics and presentations that look professional. I appreciate how easy it's and how many tools it have. I'm a creator of content for social networks and a writer, so I always look for applications that facilitate my work, increase my strengths and hide my weaknesses. Design is one of my weaknesses and, however, this software helps me to turn it into a strength, that's why I like it so much.

Arlette E.

About Piktochart

Piktochart is an all-in-one graphic design tool for creating infographics, presentations, reports, social media graphics, posters, and prints as well as an online video editor. With focus on information design, you can easily turn content and data into a visual story or edit videos for social media.

Easel ly reviews

I am a big fan and am sure to stick with Easelly for many infographics to come!

- David J. Commercial Director, Europe

Allowed me to create more interesting resources for my students

- Kathy M. College/Career Counselor

I feel very supported, that allows me to be creative adventurous knowing the continuous support , rich library and email support is there to get me back up and running. So I think the most important experience point is " Supported Creative Learning". Its not just me I have the Easel.ly team.

- David M. Founder

Piktochart reviews

Enables me to transform data into visual effects like video when training juniors.

- Amanda D. Key Account Manager

With Piktochart, one can whip up stunning graphics in minutes without any graphic design experience. Another thing is that they have so many templates available to choose from. And one last & important thing is frequent updates to their software.

- Pulkit K. Associate Director - Performance Marketing

As in every SaaS tool, on a certain level, if you want to have more options, you need to pay :) (totally understandable).

- Jakub J. Communication and International Project Coordinator

Pros & cons

Easel ly

I feel very supported, that allows me to be creative adventurous knowing the continuous support , rich library and email support is there to get me back up and running
Communication, eager to help and ownership of the job
Very impressed by the final animated result
It was done within a day or so and the alteration process was very easy
The opportunity to have your infographic animated is terrific
I'm very excited about the new animated infographics
This will be a great way to really emphasize our message on our website and grab the readers attention without being too distracting."
Finally, anyone who is an Easelly user can view your work - there's no privacy
I struggled getting started so it was time-consuming
I wish, when making graphics yourself using a template, that more of the template could be changed (color scheme, certain shapes, etc.) but this is a minor complaint
I hate being forced to write something
Attention span doesn't like long review processes especially when doing from mobile and typos happen easily."


My experience has been amazing
As someone with little design knowledge, this platform makes my life easier and I can create beautiful images quickly
We've been using it for almost 2 years, and have created some great infographics and some amazing posters for courses and leadership programs, as well as company events like food drives
The software is simple to use and offers a great selection for the free trial
I was able to teach myself how to use the system and the end product delivered what I was looking for
Creating an infographic is easy and fun on this application
Lots of detailed templates to choose from."
What I dislike about this product is that if you are not using it after so long, they disconnect your account
Some minor confusion with thumbnails as at times they don't update automatically
The graphic and charts feature is very limited and you cannot control just selected text with a text box (any changes effect all text in that box)
There were some difficulties with layering and click features in Piktochart
It is difficult to click on overlapping text boxes."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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