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Category: Writing Tool

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Most popular feedback for EditPad

Poor UI or design The method, if any, for adding to/editing a file is unclear. Saving a file presents on with a blank file name input box. The current file name is not displayed. No doubt a method exists (overwrite by giving the same file name?) but I just want to log data to txt not learn a new UI/management paradigm.

Mavs6802 ,

About EditPad

The online text editor called Editpad was created for editing plain text. It functions similarly to Microsoft's online notepad. Open EditPad Wordpad and begin taking notes online. Text can also be edited and saved for later use using copy-paste. In addition, customers can upload files from their computers, Google Drive, and One Drive using our online notepad. On the online text pad, you can add, remove, and paste text (notebook). Text editors like WordPad, MS Word, and others are used frequently by authors to generate and update files. The biggest problem is that they aren't included in the price of these services. All they need is a reliable internet program that is secure enough to create and edit files. A new tool that makes it simple to modify text files online is this online text editor. An all-inclusive tool for expert text editing is the editpad text editor software. Anyone can modify text online with this notepad. It is a straightforward text editor tool that functions identically to Google Notepad or Microsoft Word. You may easily open and read plaintext files and take notes with the aid of this program. if the file needs special handling

Most popular feedback for TextBuilder.ai

TextBuilder.ai is an excellent content tool that produces amazing output. It's very user-friendly and has a lot of features that make it stand out from other content tools. It's definitely worth checking out! I have been using TextBuilder for a while now and I have to say that I am really impressed with the output. The content is well written and the output is excellent. I would definitely recommend this tool to anyone who is looking for a content writing tool.

Kartik G.

About TextBuilder.ai

First Drag & Drop text builder for Affiliates in the world! Create lengthy, excellent articles and reviews with a single click. Increase your blog's affiliate revenue by writing. Write original, creative text 10x faster using a long-form text writer for copywriters and bloggers. It is the intelligent writing assistant you have always wanted. - Extremely quick text generator for startups, websites, and commercials. Enter information to produce lengthy, high-quality advertisements, blog introductions, outlines, business growth suggestions, and more.

EditPad reviews

Editpad provides the best online text editing tool to edit plain text. The editor works as similar as the online notepad.

- Nilantha Jayawardhana via woblogger.com

Edit Pad is an easy and clean Online text editor and note-taking tool. Take notes online and download them in a text format. Great for taking quick notes in between meetings.

- Edit Pad's news via producthunt

TextBuilder.ai reviews

I have been using Write for the past couple of months, and my overall experience is excellent. It was easy to use and gave me everything I needed to do a perfect product review. I use it almost daily, and I recommend it to anyone, especially affiliate marketers.

- Najmus S.

This is a great tool to speed up content creation, that will help anyone get over the writers block.

- claudiu b.

It doesn't have any official tutorial made by developer. The textbuilder AI needs some learning before you produce a perfect article. And the developer must consider this ASAP.

- Rajshekhar K.

Pros & cons


Editpad for Windows makes it easy for you to edit plain text files with multiple formatting features
By using our text editor application, you can make your text bold, clear, and easy to read in less time
It works the same as the note pad and provides an option to save the edited text file with one click.


Fast and easy article generation
The most powerful feature of this tools is affiliate product review feature
High-speed generation Easy to use Best for Amazon affiliate marketers Specialized listicle generator
The user interface should be improved No unlimited credits
Lacking a version for mobile
Need to be support Multilanguage

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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