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Category: remotelearning

Industries: Education, Communication


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Category: remotelearning

Industries: Education, Communication


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Most popular feedback for edmodo

Ease of use, quick to upload to, no charge, security that only those with code can join, fact we can have students, parents and alumni

Jenni C.

About edmodo

Edmodo is a global education network that helps connect all learners with the people and resources needed to reach their full potential.Helps connect all learners with the people and resources needed to reach their full potential.

Most popular feedback for kahoot

The most helpful thing about Kahoot is that my students actually look forward to playing. Before I started using Kahoot, reviewing with my students was like pulling teeth.

Brooke B.

About kahoot

size. With Kahoot!, anyone can create and deliver engaging learning experiences - known as kahoots - on any topic within minutes. To host a live kahoot, questions appear on a shared screen - a big screen in a room or via screen sharing on a video conference. Participants join a live kahoot by entering a unique PIN in their own browser, or the Kahoot! app, and submit their answers. Or, assign self-paced kahoots, with questions and answers shown on the participant’s device. Kahoot! is trusted by 97% of Fortune 500 companies in making their presentations and training engaging, and is used in over 200 countries.

edmodo reviews

Edmodo makes it easier for me to run my virtual class. I can easily send announcements, give out assignments with due dates and speak with students who are having problems with their class work. I like how teachers from different classes but are in the same school can communicate ideas and create discussions within the platform. The discussions I make can be used by students to properly communicate and execute projects with amazing co-operation as well as coordination.

- Patricia M. Teacher

User-friendly, perfect service desk and assistance, reliable.

- Katerina Z. Het Griekse Taal- &CultuurCentrum van Amsterdam

Very good tool that facilitates student communication. It enables file and task management. Easy to use Let us teach the use of social networks in a protected environment.

- Robert C. Enterprise

kahoot reviews

Analytics are huge! Kahoot! has been really helpful during the pandemic to check in on how students actually feel.

- Gustavo Lovato AP Spanish and literature teacher

reaks down assessment analytics by class, question, and just about any metric you could imagine.

- Ryan Zamzow chemistry teacher

My favorite thing about Kahoot! is the ability to create interactive quizzes that you can share with colleagues! In this way, we are able to help each other and make work lighter! My kids really love this software and ultimately leave knowing they have learned something!

- Kimberly T. ALPHA Mentor

Pros & cons


It is fairly easy to learn how to use Edmodo, both for teachers and for students
The notifications are super helpful and there are informational videos in case you want to learn how to use a feature
My favorite part however was the ease of communication with parents, they had a separate account and they could learn what was happening in class without entering their students' accounts.
The math equation editor is very poor and it is really difficult to write math text in the posts or assessments.


I love how this makes studying fun and inclusive to a class
We've also used it during meetings for a fun and interactive experience
Kahoot is a fun platform where you can make a remote trivia game
Given the current increase in online meetings and socials, this comes in handy to make a simple meeting or social a lot more fun
Kahoot is a very unique software that can turn ordinary things such as exam review sessions or trivia into a fun competition style experience, very helpful in making meetings more fun and engaging
The students always thought it was so fun, and loved the music
My favorite part is those fun beats while people are answering the questions."
The error clues are sometimes diffucult to undercover and find out what you are doing wrong, specially when you are starting to program
I haven't found anything that could make me hate or dislike this app
Although, they could implement some other features to make it easier to use
For example, if students press a wrong answer by mistake while playing the game, they are not able to go back and change it before the time is up
But when I have, I found errors / such as wrong answers
So if you are going to use them, double check them before you launch it in front of your audience."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.

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