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Category: Social media Tool

Industries: Social Media, Business, Marketing


Social Pro $110 CRM*, social media content, blog content

DMS $200 CRM, website, blog content

DMS + Buyer Leads $300 CRM, website, blog content, social media content, approx. 10 buyer leads per month

Elite Leads $750 Content, social media content, approx. 30 buyer or seller leads per month

Elite Pro $2,000 per month Content, social media content, approx. 80 - 120 buyer & seller leads per month, PLUS 5 DMS licenses

Social Board

Category: Social media Tool

Industries: Social Media, Marketing Business


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$19.00 /month

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Most popular feedback for Elevate

Great lead capture website What do you like best about Elevate? Their lead program and social media posts Review collected by and hosted on G2.com. What do you dislike about Elevate? Elevate is everything I need in a website Review collected by and hosted on G2.com. Recommendations to others considering Elevate: I have been using Elevate for 3 years now, and most of my sales have been from their program. They make it easy for a real estate agent to focus on real estate, as they do all my social media, and provide me with quality leads which leaves me to do what I do best sell Real Estate. I got 3 sales from one customer thru their program and will pay for the website for the next 10 years. I highly recommend their product. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com. What problems is Elevate solving and how is that benefiting you? Elevate makes me look like a pro, by blogging, and posting to my Facebook page, Linked In and Twitter. Also, the daily leads are amazing, all my sales come from this program

Mark H.

About Elevate

Everything real estate professionals need for lead generation, digital marketing, & client collaboration - all in one place. Elevate empowers productivity (and lower costs!) by decreasing your need for multiple disjointed solutions! We give Brokers, Agents and Teams an intuitive, consolidated marketing experience at an affordable price. Key features include: - Advanced, Intuitive CRM with Powerful Metrics - High SEO IDX Websites - Automated Social, Email & Text Campaigns All of our products are backed by dedicated onboarding and success specialists who will help you every step of the way. Elevate offers webinars and training on-demand, an interactive help center, accompanied by live chat, email and telephone support.

Most popular feedback for Social Board

I am the CMO of Solé Bicycles (www.solebicycles.com) and have nothing but the experience with Social Board. It was really easy to install, and customer service was always there when I had any issue or wanted to change functionality. It's a really great platform to display UGC, and is really cognitive for users.

Ben P.

About Social Board

Instantly collect images and videos from Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Vimeo, Tumblr, and Youtube from any #hashtag Hide posts you don't like, block people, and search through all of the user generated content. Easily embed your feed into your website, or use our dedicated page to display the posts anywhere there is a browser on any device Our analytics rank the most influential people using your hashtag.

Elevate reviews

"Amazing uptick in my business" What do you like best about Elevate? The ability to post to all my social media accounts at one time. Saves me time and has boosted my on-line profiles. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com. What do you dislike about Elevate? Wish I had the ability to schedule social media via Elevate instead of using Emerge Review collected by and hosted on G2.com. What problems is Elevate solving and how is that benefiting you? Elevate helped me provide quality content to my blog and my social media outlets and grow my on-line business

- Scott S.

"We are very pleased with our website and lead generation program from Elevate! We recently switched our website and CRM database to Elevate, and once their team started putting the “non-live” website together for us to review, we started getting leads in the system right away. The website wasn't even live yet! I reached out to one of those leads immediately and, long story short, we closed on their new home in Colorado Springs in less than one month! Thank you so very much for the constant communication and assistance to get us up and running. And thank you for the online advertising that started sending us leads before our website went live.”

- Terry Naber

“I love Elevate! Their Elite solution provides me exactly what I needed to give my business a boost. Right from the beginning of my Elevate experience, I began connecting with leads, receiving more listings, showing more properties, and closing more business. Having my own coach is amazing! I talk to them weekly and that one phone call projects me into a zone of optimism. They are great, kind, professional, and encouraging, and it is wonderful that they are available at any time for guidance. There are no magic wands in real estate prospecting, but Elevate has come as close as it gets for my business.”

- Jennifer Pecora

Social Board reviews

My overall experience of using social board has been pretty amazing so far and I hope it stays that way. If you are also looking for a good software that lets you embed social media feed on blogs or websites then you should definitely go for social board

- Ahmed S. Social media marketing and design expert

The Social Board is easy to use and had just enough customization features out of the box to display what we wanted. We liked the ability to edit each individual item as well as filter out by different hashtags or platforms. It also looks great. The customer service so far has been excellent. They were very attentive and gave me a resolution to an odd issue within a week. I highly recommend The Social Board.

- Brian H. Web Developer

It is a bit pricey for its limitations in my opinion. However, that is all relative. If you are using SocialBoard for business than it is well worth the investment for the relationships.

- Michelle D. Photographer

Pros & cons


Makes communicating new information to employees quick and simple, without needing to send loads of emails
Curated content allows for some control of what is being shared and consistency in the voice and tone of the content being shared
Flexible scheduling tool that plugs in with both LinkedIn and Twitter.
Can be complicated to edit a scheduled post to share it to multiple channels
Content is filtered broadly, making it difficult for niche interest groups to find relevant content to share
Somehow hard to navigate.

Social Board

This is a very easy program to set up, monitor, and edit
We use this to pull in social posts that use our brand's hashtag and it's great at showing us what employees and customers are saying all on one page!
I wish it showed the captions and not just the pictures
This may be a setting on the backend to control, but my view is strictly picture and you have to click to read the caption.

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