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Erudite Dictionary

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Category: Writing Tool

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Most popular feedback for Erudite Dictionary

Ads are still appearing sometimes though I have paid for premium. Pls look into my issue seriously and take appropriate action at the earliest to get five stars.

Ads are still appearing sometimes though I have paid for premium. Pls look into my issue seriously and take appropriate action at the earliest to get five stars.

About Erudite Dictionary

The most helpful multilingual dictionaries, thesaurus, translator, flashcards, phrasebook, and widget are available here! The Erudite app is the best option if you're looking for the most efficient way to learn English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese, Czech, Finnish, Swedish, Croatian, and Serbian. You can download the following multilingual dictionaries, which provide thorough definitions, synonyms, and examples: The following dictionaries are available: English Dictionary, Spanish Dictionary, French Dictionary, German Dictionary, Italian Dictionary, Portuguese Dictionary, Dutch Dictionary, Greek Dictionary, Russian Dictionary, Chinese Dictionary, Japanese Dictionary, and Korean Dictionary. Thai English Dictionary; Indonesian English Dictionary; Turkish English Dictionary; Arabic English Dictionary; Hebrew English Dictionary; Hindi English Dictionary Czech English Dictionary, Finnish English Dictionary, Swedish English Dictionary, Croatian English Dictionary, Serbian English Dictionary, and Vietnamese English Dictionary Other Significant Features Thesaurus: Recognize word synonyms and antonyms! Grammar is simple to learn! Flashcards are an effective way to remember basic terminology! Phrasebook - Useful expressions at any time! Favorite term and search history bookmarks are available! Instantly search any term with the widget! More will follow soon...

Most popular feedback for WriterGenie

WriterGenie is yet another AI tool that is launched in what now appears to be a much crowded market of GPT-3 Ai writing tool. Since I love to try all tools related to GPT-3, I decided to give this tool a try as well. Registration is simple. Once registered you are guided to various sections of the interface of writerGenie. The tool provides list of 20+ ai writing tools that can be used to assist you in writing. At the moment all the AI tools available in 5 main categories i.e. Digital Ads, Blogs, Website Copy, Sales and Miscellaneous. While compared to other AI tools, the number of tools available with this SAAS is quite limited. But, it does covers most of the basic tools that you may need while writing copy or content. You have popular Value Proposition, Feature to Benefit, PAin-Gain-Claim available under sales and Google Ads Headline & Description, Facebook Ads Headline & Description available under Digital Ads WriterGenie allows you to categorize your content in different projects. This is nice as it will allow you to work on multiple projects in parallel without having to copy/paste or importing/exporting between different projects. You can utilize AI tools to create copies of content and then use the appropriate Rich Text editor to copy-paste material that you've shortlisted into it, after which you may continue editing it. I tried several different tools available inside the WriterGenie and outputs were not at all bad. The tool also provided option to use different tone of voice and creativity level. A seasoned writer familiar with all AI tools can use appropriate tone to get the output as per his/her requirements. While most of tools inside WriterGenie can be found in other AI tools, I'd want to draw attention to blog section. Blog section of writergenie provides a great way to create a blog posts. You can create first Blog Outline and then create sections based on each of the outline points. Within few minutes I was able to generate 600+ words of content. Miscellaneous tools like Rephraser, Summariser and Auto Complete also provide great value addition. Plagiarism checker available in WriterGenie is bonus .I don't need to use Copyscape or any other different plagiarism checker software to ensure the content I am writing is original. However the overall the UI/UX of the SAAS is not great. I hope the team works on it. It really needs a major overhaul so that it becomes more intuitive. I would like WriterGenie to work on the Project Rich text editor and provide options to use various commands and tools listed inside to be available directly via right click. This will make it much more intuitive. If you don't have any AI tool in your arsenal, then you can go for WriterGenie. It will definitely help you in writing better content and save time. If you are already using some AI tool, then you can take a trial of WriterGenie to decide whether it will be of use to you. Overall, I found WriterGenie to be a decent tool. However, it's definitely nowhere near the best AI tools that are available in the market.


About WriterGenie

WriterGenie is an artificial intelligence writing tool that assists you in developing unique and search engine optimized content for your website. You can easily personalize your content by choosing the kind of content you want to write about from the available options (blog, email, sales letter, Ad copy etc.). You can create high-quality content for your blog or email in a matter of minutes using WriterGenie. Utilizing a content generator that is powered by AI, you can generate your own original content. WriterGenie takes a novel approach to copywriting by providing AI-powered support and the highest possible level of customer service. It can assist with all aspects of content marketing, from the copy on websites and blogs to the posts on social media platforms. Copywriting tasks such as digital ads, blogs, website copy, and sales desk copy are just some of the areas that writergenie has been trained to perform. The miscellaneous section can take care of any additional copywriting needs that you may have. The work that is generated is stored securely as a project, which can be located in the dashboard on the home page of the website. Any alterations that are made to the project while using the editor will be saved immediately. The software used to check for plagiarism will search the internet for references in which it finds articles that are similar. Your ability to evoke the readers' feelings can be a powerful tool for engaging them. You will receive assistance from qualified professionals with the writing of your value proposition, AIDA, PDC, and FTB. The feature known as multilingual support supports more than 20 different languages. You can instantly write digital advertisements. With the help of the Rephraser, you'll be able to rewrite an unlimited number of essays and blogs without making any mistakes, and with the Summarizer, you'll be able to instantly condense articles, documents, and papers down to the most important points.

Erudite Dictionary reviews

I like it however unreliable. Search buttons don't work when you tap on them, searching from browser goes to app fine but recognizes words off and on. Unreliable. Would be nice if this could be fixed soon being that I also subscribed to the app. Hope to get some feedback. Thx. Forgot. Also crashes constantly when opening from app drawer. I'm on android 11 btw. Also would be nice to have a dark mode to match the os.

- Miguel Khoury

Greatly different from Oxford. Should have more illustration ( as examples) for clearer understanding of meaning for regional language speakers in India.


I love it!! Exactly what I am looking for! I used to use a dictionary app which name is Dictionary. Several months ago, the app changed it's UI, and the response became so slow and heavy. Can't believe it takes me several seconds for one tap. I was so upset and disappointed. I gave the feedback to the development team but nothing changed until I found Erudite dictionary today!! so amazing, so fast, so easy to use!! I didn't hesitate even one second to upgrade to the premium ver. I will keep th

- Michael Liu

WriterGenie reviews

Writergenie is an AI writer that impressed me with the quality of the content it generates. I had a current need for the website copy generator, but I started with the Value Proposition tool so that I can see its handle on the ideas I had. Let’s just say that I was genuinely impressed by what it gave out.

- Possible Jerry

I have been using this product for a while now and I love it. It's super affordable, which is great because you don't need to spend a lot of money on content generation tools. With the software, you can easily create high-quality blog posts or email copy in minutes. When I first started using WriterGenie, I was amazed at how easy it was to use. The software makes my job as an editor much easier by generating perfect content with minimal effort from me.

- Eatmy Bullet

I am a technical writer. I wanted someone to edit my manuscript. After getting a free sample edited, i decided to go with writer genie. Quality was very good and editor understood my requirements completely and edited the manuscript perfectly and also according to my specific guidelines. I am very satisfied with the service, and will definitely recommend to others.

- Paul F.

Pros & cons

Erudite Dictionary

Enhanced Quick Search Window
Added new languages for Translator
Added Import & Export bookmarks feature
Lacks illustrations
Sloppy language translations
No log in feature


Beginner-friendly UX
Inbuilt Plagiarism Checker
Customizable output
No saving for output
A limited number of modules/templates
Odd UX decisions in some places.

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