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Category: Automation Software Tools
Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


ETrigue (up to 1,000 email records)



ETRIGUE (UP TO 100,000 email records)



ETRIGUE (UP TO 30,000 email records)




Category: Automation Software Tools
Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


Starts from $40 per month

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eTrigue reviews

"Marketing Automation that Makes Sense" What do you like best about eTrigue? DemandCenter by eTrigue offers flexibility that is non-existent in other MAP systems. From the incredibly easy to use email and Landing Page templates to the form builder, eTrigue has constructed a "wunderkind" of an MA system to be used by everyone who seeks to learn marketing automation in both theory and in execution. One of the things that makes eTrigue so successful is their customer support. It's simply what tech support was 40 years ago......responsive and of high quality/value. The eTrigue support team gets all over issues without delay and they give you a resolution same day or an ETA for a fix, or an immediate work around. They do not pretend that it's a perfect world/product and that approach is refreshing. Without that level of support we couldn't be successful. It's quite an achievement.

- Jeffrey E.

"Great Product With Full Feature Set" What do you like best about eTrigue? Simple product to use with lots of features. Integrates with most CRM tools as well as Webinar solutions. Easy to read reports which give a great insight into website visitors and their actions (pages visited, length of stay on each page, etc). Nice email creation tools and simple to build nurture campaigns.

- David G.

"We use eTrigue's DemandCenter for B2B almost daily, for 5 years - and it's great!" What do you like best about eTrigue? This is the perfect tool for those that like ultimate freedom/flexibility when designing their marketing automation (MA). eTrigue's "DemandCenter" application keeps up with all of the best MA tools out there, but has a few key features and speedy interface that make me recommend it above others, if you value your time. Specifically, the UI is not a 'wizard/guided/steps' kind of approach. Instead, you have all of the options/criteria/actions available to you, and you can speedily compile lists and campaigns. So once you know where everything is, you can really hum along without constant interruptions or multiple screens of setup. The same UI components (for the list building criteria, for example) is the same/consistent in other parts of the application. Like the reports builder or criteria for actions/triggers within campaigns. So once you've learned it in one location, it is intuitive to use in other areas. Data/contacts visibility and hygiene also seems easy, due to this setup. You can quickly review your database, applying filters for drilled-down views. Wildcards and boolean functionality available throughout to be able to see what you really want to see. But, above all else, eTrigue has the best support I've ever experienced for a SaaS / online app. They're very responsive to tickets, open to new features, and it's always the same group of people that I'm dealing with.

- Jareb C.

Adroll reviews

"To design, improve and distribute targeted advertising." What do you like best about AdRoll? Like AdRoll can enhance your ads with interactive elements like product placement, fonts, custom animation, and calls to action. You can generate personalized dynamic ads for users based on their browsing history and the products they enjoy. I can use demographic and affinity targeting to find people who are most like our consumers based on what we already know about them. Customers can be categorized based on activities performed, viewed, and previous purchases. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about AdRoll? In comparison to its rivals, AdRoll has relatively high subscription costs. As a result, conversion tracking could use some improvement. In addition, the reporting system can be improved. It might be easier to use the same photos for different campaigns. The offer approach could contain other alternatives. Review collected by and hosted on What problems is AdRoll solving and how is that benefiting you? You can use AdRoll to target or block customers based on their behavior by tracking various intent signals. Each delivered ad impression provides reporting and analytics to examine real-time data on campaign activity and pricing. AdRoll supports sponsored posts, promoted tweets, app install ads, lead generation cards, and standard mobile web ad formats.

- Rosemarie P.

"You can reduce the cost of promotion with your banner ads." What do you like best about AdRoll? I like the dynamic ad builder made possible by AdRoll, which helps us ensure that all of our marketing is effective. On Facebook, you can target ideal prospects. Helpful in examining consumer behavior You can modify your messages to attract as many customers as possible. Marketing campaigns can be done through social media ads, emails, and videos. You can gain insight into the typical customer path to help you maximize revenue from each customer. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about AdRoll? I think the reporting structure needs to be improved. It would be advantageous to provide more bidding strategy alternatives. Conversion-based campaigns should be included because they are so helpful. Conversion tracking may be made more efficient. Poor customer service persists. Review collected by and hosted on What problems is AdRoll solving and how is that benefiting you? Consolidation of display campaigns across many publishing networks can be simplified. No matter where they are, it ensures that our clients and prospects are chosen. It allows you to use automated emails and remarketing campaigns to reduce and win back cart abandoners. With easy-to-launch campaigns, you can distribute offers, introduce new products, and prompt customers to make additional purchases.

- Adika S.

Aug 19, 2022 "AdRoll for marketing agencies" What do you like best about AdRoll? Adroll has empowered our agency to run retargeting campaigns for our clients without involving a third-party digital agency. This has allowed us to serve our clients better. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about AdRoll? Sometimes, customer service can be challenging. I believe it is outsourced to another country which introduces a language barrier in communication and creates problems. Review collected by and hosted on What problems is AdRoll solving and how is that benefiting you? AdRoll solves the problem of needing to work with a third-party digital advertising agency for retargeting campaigns for our clients. We can now do it on our own.

- Dylan S.

Pros & cons


Great on-boarding process for new clientsLearning curve for their system is pretty short and intuitive
They provide quite a bit of training and resources.They provide good technical support and are very quick to respond.

I wish they could be able to customize URLs for landing pages for better SEO and branding
Better SEO functionality and ability to customize those options on landing pages would be nice
More useful and better detailed analytics would be nice.


Variety of advertising media types and sizes
Variety of audiences you can choose from to advertise to
The interface is pretty up to date and easy to use

I'm not sure I trust AdRoll's attributed "revenue"
It appears to be significantly overcalculating its effectiveness.I find the interface a bit confusing in a few places like if you want to see reporting for specific audiences split out.Switching between editing campaigns and viewing campaign metrics is a bit confusing.

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