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Category: Project Management Tool

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Most popular feedback for eXo Platform

eXo Platform offers everything you need when it comes to optimum team collaboration and communication. I like because it has everything you need in one solution, from document sharing to video and instant messaging, there is absolutely no better way to ensure workplace productivity than by using this platform. I can organize my work and share and exchange them with my team and we work well together using it, it really is amazing when you looking for a solution that offers employee engagement.

Khothatso M.

About eXo Platform

eXo Platform is a digital workplace solution with a built-in project management system that you can use to manage a wide range of activities: estimation and planning, scheduling, cost control and budget management, resource allocation, collaboration software, communication, decision-making, quality management and documentation or administration systems. eXo platform is an open-source project management and collaboration tool. It helps you manage projects, teams and tasks in one pla

Most popular feedback for Synario

We love what the model has done to up our game from a financial planning standpoint. In the LRP model, we have established rolling 5-year financial targets aligned with our strategic plan, our capital campaign goals and capital improvement plans. Each year, we are able to stress test multiyear enrollment scenarios, adjust to changes, make sound planning decisions and demonstrate our ability to deliver on our commitments. Being able to model changes in our assumptions and illustrate the relationships between the endowment, operational cashflow, debt and cash reserves has been invaluable to building trust with our board, donors and the broader community.

Mary Ellen B.

About Synario

Every organization has a list of financial drivers that can alter their organization's trajectory. Creating a financial plan requires a deep understanding of the relationships and impacts of those drivers. Synario connects your key drivers directly to your financial future. You can easily configure new scenarios, allowing you to visualize prospective outcomes instantly. Replace spreadsheet apprehension with analytical confidence, and turn boardroom questions into collaborative conversations.

eXo Platform reviews

I have been worked on a personal project where I intend to create a niche of social network. I looked for frameworks available on the market that could provide a complete infrastructure to run out my business and I found it at eXo. EXO plataform provides all basic features for developing a niche of social network, such as authentication, active streams and others features you can imagine for a social network. Particulary, one of the reasons I have decided by using of eXo is because it is written in Java, basically ( JSP - you can extend to JSF, Juzu ...) and works over portlets, i.e., you can built modules and apply them over your portal. If you are looking for a framework for build a social network I strongly recomends you at least do a trial with eXo before going deep into your project.

- Junior S. Senior System Analyst

Your product is very good but no download option for open source platform as result in the google search engine.

- Aliah J.

In the beginning, when we start working on Exo Platform, it service is quite slow. Another issue is that when one wants to extract data from data base, it is not that much flexible. In order to start video conference, it takes long time to understand the issues.

- Ashleigh C. IT Specialist

Synario reviews

The City's overall experience with synario has been extremely positive. In less than two years that we have been using the software, the City has garnered two rating upgrades with Moody's. That speaks volumes for what the software has enabled the City to accomplish within a short period of time. Synario's local government modeling platform, Synopsis has enabled us to boost our credit rating during a time when we thought it would be next to impossible. The software is easy to use and does not come with the drawbacks associated with Excel, allowing our team to present accurate, sophisticated data to key stakeholders with the push of a button. We are able to analyze the real-time conditions of our city while also evaluating future scenarios, putting us a step ahead of other municipalities. In times of economic uncertainty, a planning tool like Synopsis is paramount to maintaining long-term financial sustainability.

- Muhammed O. Finance Director

Our overall experience with Synario has been wonderful. The implementation was seamless and the customer service has been beyond our expectations.

- Melissa G. CFO

There have been times when updates to the software have caused some of our processes to have to be changed. But the tech support team has always been helpful in finding a work around. This has been a rare occurrence.

- Jared S. Controller

Pros & cons

eXo Platform

Exo Platform is an outstanding software that provides an excellent platform for collaborating for our projects
It consists of powerful and effective tool that helps a lot in our business
Mostly, I consider it as a very good social platform, with a lot of ready-to-use modules and features, like chat, documents, notifications, web calls
A lot of features, easy to customize and improve
Very good social platform, with a lot of ready-to-use modules and features, like chat, documents, notifications, web calls
Documentation is useful feature for us
Its a Knowledge Management system (KMS) that provide content mng."
The open tool is limited
There is enough commercial exploitation
In the beginning, when we start working on Exo Platform, it service is quite slow
Another issue is that when one wants to extract data from data base, it is not that much flexible
There isn't ever a word to belittle this product
Since there are a lot of features included in this application, it may be difficult for the beginners to deal
There is no tutorial to guide the users through the application."


Flexibility and reliability are keys to this being a great resource for any business
The system ties together years of detailed financial statements and then allows logic to be built around long-range projections
How detailed or high level you get is up to you and allows for you to focus on the key items for your institution.Once data is loaded and validated you can leave it and forget about it.
The tool takes some time to learn
The terminology and software structure is robust and that allows for a lot of flexibility, but it means a little extra up-front learning
The platform has many training tools and resources available.

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