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EZ2 Journal

Category: Writing Tools
Industries: Writers, Students, Educators




Category: Writing Tools
Industries: Writers, Students, Educators



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EZ2 Journal reviews

I like this app, easy to use, do not need to go online, which is great and is password protected, just remember to back all the way out of the app for the password to work, if I hit home in the journal, then it doesn't use the password to get back in. The one issue I have is I tend to write lengthy journals, but when I go to review my past journals, I cannot read the entire journal, not sure if I am doing something wrong or if there is a limited amount of lines that I can journal. If I try to modify an earlier journal, I still cannot get to the end of what I had written. Love to know what I am doing wrong. I'm hoping everything I input is still there, if not, rating would lose a couple stars.

- Kewlgrandpa

I like that you begin with a blank page, so you can write what ever you want. I also like when I save what I wrote the date and time is automatically added.

- V. Robbins

This is the app I've been looking for. I can journal offline with no ridiculous, arm-length list of info-mining permissions! I can go off line and add entries any time I like, and no one is monitoring my network sockets or GPS locations or taking control of my camera or accessing my contacts list. Not even a Facebook option! Finally an app I WANT! Now, why only four stars? Because folders would make it perfect, and as of now there are no compartmentalisation options. If I could create pockets or folders for, say, schooling, personal, devotional, etc., This app would be perfect.

- Azy

Diarium reviews

For years I’ve been wanting to get all of my journals (handwritten and electronic files), drawings and photos in one place and in chronological order. I wanted to be able to search, sort, use across multiple platforms, add photos and labels. I also wanted to be able to print it. I’ve only had this app for a couple weeks but it seems to be ticking all the boxes. I’m handling all of my backlog by adding pictures of my handwritten journal entries by date and adding tags. Adding pictures and files is easy. I add a little each day while keeping up with my current journal. This app allows me to type on the computer or use speech to text on my phone giving me multiple options to add to my journal. I will not completely give up hand writing my journal, so I can still continue to add pictures of my handwritten journals, but when I am out and about it is so easy to add in a thought for the day. I am still fiddling with the export to print. I have only tried it once and the formatting was the only thing I was not 100% pleased with, it seems pretty basic and I am hoping I can easily do some reformatting. I’m still giving this app five stars.

- JulieDiane9

I like remembering details... how I felt, thoughts, things I did, said, promises I’ve made, goals, and much more. This is my favorite diary app because it enables me to capture the present, be reminded of the past, and plan for my future. I record everything I do each day and try to back log as much as possible from before downloading the app. I also use it on my computer and it is just as good if not better because typing is easier. With the new features I can structure my entries to look nicer. I really like using bullet points to capture simple and clear logs of what I did each day. My life has become a documented story and I especially like adding pictures everyday. I can recall what I had for dinner 2 years ago on a specific day and time. I can recall, how I felt about a decision I made in the past and make better choices for the future. I can plan/set goals for the future and then see if I accomplished them. I highly recommend this app if you’re interested in journaling, self-reflection, tracking your life, remembering, notes, and much more. I especially like how I can use my own personal cloud for saving my data. This gives me the freedom to choose between OneDrive, google cloud, and other reputable cloud storage options. This provides some level of comfort that my personal information goes where I choose. This app is a great tool and I highly recommend it!

- axio001

I purchased this app a short while ago. I was looking for something like Day One that wouldn’t require a subscription or cost a fortune. So I went looking online for advice from others, and heard about this so I gave it a try. I love it! It does what you’d expect from a journaling app, and goes the extra mile. I love that it automatically puts pictures you’ve taken on a particular day along with your journal entry, so you have visual reminders as you look back. I have yet to use all of the features, but it allows for taking subjects and people and has a map feature and a timeline and calendars view. I don’t know why anyone would need anything more. Thanks to the developer for a fine app - that doesn’t cost a fortune!

- byHisgracealone

Pros & cons

EZ2 Journal

Simple interface
No WiFi connection needed
Protected by a password

Limited fonts
Can't design the journal
Limited writing space


No subscription
Has built in- coaching for journal writing
Back ups in Diarium go to one drive, google drive or drop box.

No ability to have multiple journals
Manual sync
No templates

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