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Category: Project Management Tool
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Flow reviews

We use it as an upgraded version of 'Trello', which basically allows planning of many projects in many teams in a central place, and have an easy to use reporting sections

- Ofek A. Web Developer

Overall experience has been great. This is an amazing product and it will soon leave Automation Anywhere and UiPath behind

- Syed Amir A. Associate Manager

If I had to give one complaint about Flow it would be the user interface, if unfamiliar with the program and how it works it can be easy to get lost in the many layers of tabs.

- Paul H. Graphic Designer

Hive reviews

Hive has made communication between our company's team easy. Now, we don't have to constantly call each other, have follow-up meetings, and walk into each other's offices. We can simply log into Hive and see who is doing what. We know when things are due and what needs to be done next. Because of Hive communication is easy so we can focus on getting jobs done for clients and getting them done on time.

- Sadie P. Media and Marketing Manager

Timely response to chat logs. It would be a great product if the e-mail integration actually added value to ones workflow.

- Jeff C. Sales Operations

Time tracking needs some work, but that is eclipsed by the wonders of version control and mark up of assets prior to approval.

- Christopher K. Owner

Pros & cons


I like that it has a main page where you can see all upcoming tasks at a snapshot
You really are able to cater the capabilities according to what works best for you work flow which I really like
It's so much easier to use than jira and asana
It works great for small teams
I consider myself fairly tech savvy so that says a lot about the platform
I'm so glad we since moved to a different program
Flow's been useful for projects I managed with a team, it kept us organized and on track."

Trello had become unwieldy (due dates were getting missed, I was spending more time organising than working, notification overload etc.) and I've used Asana + Jira before and they're awful
I can't think of anything I don't like
It's a little weird that there are two phone apps (one for chat and one for tasks)
I find it absurd that the person cannot request to have their information deleted
This may also be the case with other softwares, in which case, that is also unacceptable to me
The features, especially for tracking time are too limited and the phone app is horrible
This is not robust for handling complex project management with a team and third party contractors."


I love it because it makes my work easier
Creating and assigning tasks is easy and fast
Hive does a great job connecting all the pieces needed for a project in one place
It helps keep everyone on the same page and connects them to the resources, links, comments, and next steps
It's great to have a centralized space to manage all the company projects and view them in a single, customizable timeline
It's easy to amend as things inevitably shift
Hive has been a great help managing sales orders, manufacturing processes, quality inspections right down to shipments."

That renders HIVE e-mail integration about useless if you get a lot of e-mails with attachments
For me Hive is a no go for that reason
Notifications or follow up requests can get lost after read and can be difficult to find
The chat constantly messed up and either didn't show messages or just didn't notify me
Also, i have noticed that when people send images on chats or groups they never load, so i have to close the software down and reload it to be able to see them, which is a pain."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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