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Most popular feedback for Flowdock

Flowdock is being used by a specific team inside an IT department of Universidade de São Paulo. We use this software for team collaboration, specifics communications and quick file sharing. To avoid a lot of calls and flooding e-mail boxes during the day, a centralized platform divided in differents channels can be very helpful. We could easily improve team communication working in several projects by using channels functionality to separate subjects, to share files and contents of interest and to keep tracking our development and activities. When we need some past information you can just go to the software and search for this. Keeping a track (history) of our activity is really important for us.

Vinicius Lima

About Flowdock

The official Flowdock Android app Through organized chat and a shared integration inbox, Flowdock is the hub for team communication and enables teams turn their routine work into a byproduct of collaboration. It eliminates automated emails from your mailbox and takes the place of IM or IRC chat in your team's workflow. You will always be aware of what your team is doing thanks to integrations with more than 80 tools. You may communicate with your teams using Flows, and you can categorize your talks using threads, thanks to Flowdock. - Stay informed of updates across flows and 1-1s with in-app notifications and modify the notifications as needed - Express yourself with emojis across flows and 1-1s - Have private talks with your team members as necessary - Share files with your team members during 1-1s and flows to collaborate. Build your own ongoing knowledge base using the power of hash tags. Effortlessly find the content you need using hash tags you manage. View all of your integrations in one place with a shared integration inbox. Communicate with your teams about the items in the inbox. Get noticed by the right people using @@subgroups. Trello, Git & GitHub, Pivotal Tracker, Zendesk, Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo, Capistrano, Heroku, Redmine, FogBugz, Basecamp, BitBucket, Kiln, Mercurial, Nagios, Pingdom, Hudson / Jenkins, and numerous other project management, issue tracking, wiki, version control, monitoring, deployment & continuous integration systems and services are just a few of the tools that Flowd You must have a Flowdock account, which you may create at http://www.flowdock.com, in order to use the Flowdock app.

Most popular feedback for AnyMeeting

Anymeeting is very easy to use with lots of features like screen sharing, interactive meeting room, and whiteboard options. Conducting client meetings and online webinars can be easily performed using Anymeeting with ease. Good performance on low connection is also a great feature I liked using Anymeeting.

Rokan H.

About AnyMeeting

The AnyMeeting Mobile App puts the ability to join or host online meetings, as well as access to screen share viewing features and attendee controls, in the palm of your hand. The video and audio quality of these meetings is crystal clear HD. Make it possible for your workers to work from any location, not just in the current market but under any circumstances by providing them with the following critical features: • There are no limits placed on the length of the meeting* • Connect face-to-face using 720p HD Video with up to 30 webcams and 200 Web guests • Host an infinite number of meetings for easy collaboration with up to 200 phone attendees • View screen share presentations • Easily mute attendees and lock meetings for an additional degree of protection * * The NEW Waiting Room feature gives you the ability to lock meetings while still allowing latecomers to join. It is simple to use and requires no training. It is compatible with both WiFi and cellular networks. If you have any questions regarding AnyMeeting or would want information on how to create an account, please visit the following website: https://www.intermedia.net/anymeeting-video-conferencing. Please take into consideration that the Video Conference Meeting App may only be used in conjunction with a meeting that is being held on Intermedia AnyMeeting. *Throughout the course of a typical workday, up to 12 hours, Intermedia allows for an unlimited number of meetings to take place without imposing any time constraints.

Flowdock reviews

Works ok, but the UX is not as good as the competition. And, I bet CA devs don't use it themselves. If they did, more multi year old bugs would get fixed. Like new, ghost notifications for messages you read last week on the desktop client. Or multiple notifications for the same message. Or how about the one where you try to post and it says it can't, then you restart the app to find that it really did post, several times - that one's my favorite.

- A Google user

We use this app in a daily basis to work. Easy to use. Most of the time is reliable.

- Andrés Felipe Suaza Quinchía

We have been using this app on Android and love the experience and how seamlessly it works. Performance on this app from Search to everything is great. There are few areas of improvement like notifications and an improved search for 1-1s, but overall I highly recommend this to anyone using Flowdock on web.

- Anonymous User

AnyMeeting reviews

5 stars for offering the Pro version for free until the end of 2020. Light on features but does what it's supposed to do on Android. Haven't had any problems using on Android but the Windows version has connectivity and high data packet loss issues. Which is problematic because some attendees must use a desktop to access. Hard to make the switch from BlueJeans, Zoom, or Teams until the desktop app is tightened up.

- Anonymous User

Meetings work well. However, the Android app is pitiful with practically no options other than start or join a meeting. For example, you have to use a computer to schedule meetings. If the app had full capabilities I'd give it 5 stars. But missing functionality is a huge drawback in my opinion.

- A Google user

This app is extremely frustrating. When I'm in a meeting, it kicks me out and then asks me to review the quality of the app. Even though I'm mostly able to rejoin it'll keep kicking me out even 2 to 3 minutes causing me to miss on important discussions. Please fix this because I have no control over which virtual meeting service my company uses.

- Caitlin Campbell

Pros & cons


Possibility to integrate with external services
Very easy to configure
Powerful communication tool
A lot of links to others Flowdock sections
There isn't a quick access list to members of your organization to start a private chat
There isn't an app for Windows Phone


Video quality has improved dramatically
Can swipe between desktop-sharing- presentation and video conferencing feed
Host a meeting from the mobile app
Log in problems
Sounds can be tinny & crackly
No chat feature

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