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Skred Messenger

Category: Communication Tools

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Most popular feedback for Flowdock

Flowdock is being used by a specific team inside an IT department of Universidade de São Paulo. We use this software for team collaboration, specifics communications and quick file sharing. To avoid a lot of calls and flooding e-mail boxes during the day, a centralized platform divided in differents channels can be very helpful. We could easily improve team communication working in several projects by using channels functionality to separate subjects, to share files and contents of interest and to keep tracking our development and activities. When we need some past information you can just go to the software and search for this. Keeping a track (history) of our activity is really important for us.

Vinicius Lima

About Flowdock

The official Flowdock Android app Through organized chat and a shared integration inbox, Flowdock is the hub for team communication and enables teams turn their routine work into a byproduct of collaboration. It eliminates automated emails from your mailbox and takes the place of IM or IRC chat in your team's workflow. You will always be aware of what your team is doing thanks to integrations with more than 80 tools. You may communicate with your teams using Flows, and you can categorize your talks using threads, thanks to Flowdock. - Stay informed of updates across flows and 1-1s with in-app notifications and modify the notifications as needed - Express yourself with emojis across flows and 1-1s - Have private talks with your team members as necessary - Share files with your team members during 1-1s and flows to collaborate. Build your own ongoing knowledge base using the power of hash tags. Effortlessly find the content you need using hash tags you manage. View all of your integrations in one place with a shared integration inbox. Communicate with your teams about the items in the inbox. Get noticed by the right people using @@subgroups. Trello, Git & GitHub, Pivotal Tracker, Zendesk, Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo, Capistrano, Heroku, Redmine, FogBugz, Basecamp, BitBucket, Kiln, Mercurial, Nagios, Pingdom, Hudson / Jenkins, and numerous other project management, issue tracking, wiki, version control, monitoring, deployment & continuous integration systems and services are just a few of the tools that Flowd You must have a Flowdock account, which you may create at http://www.flowdock.com, in order to use the Flowdock app.

Most popular feedback for Skred Messenger

Became worst before the update Well i’ve used thos app cor almost 1 month and half Then I can’t make no calls or nothing It just rings in my ears and the receiver wont be able to receive even on call never … Why is that ? :- Yes the only thing i like about this app is that no one can add you by your phone number even tho they can see that you have this app But still your gonna have to send them the link in order for them to call you or even text you ,this app to me os number one private and keeps your privacy


About Skred Messenger

Skred Messenger Information on this app The first secure peer-to-peer instant messaging app is called Skred, and using it doesn't require a phone number or email address. Skred is free, doesn't require a subscription, a provider, a SIM card, or any other kind of tracking device. Skred has the greatest levels of authorisation encryption and is designed with privacy in mind. With each of your contacts, Skred offers an anonymous, one-of-a-kind, and secure connection. The only people who can communicate during a call are the two participants. Skred makes it simple to communicate messages, photographs, movies, voice calls, and video calls with a user-friendly UI that doesn't interfere with learning. The SkredBoard, which can be accessed by just swiping down, enables the creation of numerous identities that are kept apart for complete confidentiality. You can exchange with multiple pals at once by using groups. When you remove a message on Skred, the caller's phone likewise gets the message deleted. From beginning to end, from mobile to mobile, all communications are encrypted. No server is used to store them. The open source encryption technologies were developed by Guardian Project hackers and hacktivists. The Skyrock Group, which in turn derived from the French free radio movement, was where Skred first appeared. It supports the right to free speech on the radio and the internet. You have freedom using Skred!

Flowdock reviews

Works ok, but the UX is not as good as the competition. And, I bet CA devs don't use it themselves. If they did, more multi year old bugs would get fixed. Like new, ghost notifications for messages you read last week on the desktop client. Or multiple notifications for the same message. Or how about the one where you try to post and it says it can't, then you restart the app to find that it really did post, several times - that one's my favorite.

- A Google user

We use this app in a daily basis to work. Easy to use. Most of the time is reliable.

- Andrés Felipe Suaza Quinchía

We have been using this app on Android and love the experience and how seamlessly it works. Performance on this app from Search to everything is great. There are few areas of improvement like notifications and an improved search for 1-1s, but overall I highly recommend this to anyone using Flowdock on web.

- Anonymous User

Skred Messenger reviews

Great privacy & security app. most of needed features are there. Sending audio could be simpler. Icons beneath the compose bar could be redesigned to be included in the compose bar to make it cleaner and to save on real estate. Finally the option to know when your friends are online would be helpful. Thanks for making this amazing app.

- Long Denis

This security messaging app is on the same level as WhatsApp or Telegram. There's glitch issues but they have a active development team so those things can be worked out. The latest update was done this month, in writing this review. As with many of the security messaging platforms, they all have bug issues, which is why, regardless what you use, report it to the developers to fix the problem. This way it helps everyone, both users and the companies.

- Generic Dude

I use it only for messages, it's great for that. Doesn't need a sim card. Both phones have to be connected to wifi to transfer messages, though. But it's good that they are not kept on someone's server and stay private.

- Olga Nolastname

Pros & cons


Possibility to integrate with external services
Very easy to configure
Powerful communication tool
A lot of links to others Flowdock sections
There isn't a quick access list to members of your organization to start a private chat
There isn't an app for Windows Phone

Skred Messenger

Great privacy & security app
They have a active development team so those things can be worked out
T's a nice and clear looking messaging app
Sending audio could be simpler
Icons beneath the compose bar could be redesigned
The option to know when your friends are online would be helpful

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