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Focus Writer

Category: Writing Tool

Industries: Copywriters, Marketers, Entrepreneurs



Mark Copy

Category: Writing Tool

Industries: Marketers, Writers, Copywriters, Businesses


Starter - €49/month

Pro - €99/month

Enterprise - Quotation based

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Most popular feedback for Focus Writer

FocusWriter was the weakest writing app I tested. It’s nothing else, but just an alternative to Microsoft Word. It’s literally a text editor. That’s it. There are many other alternative writing tools like the world’s leading spell checker Grammarly. There isn’t anything special that I could mention other than the fact that it’s the only writing software (in this test) which is absolutely free. However, you pay the price by not having all the essential features you saw in the above applications like versioning, storyboard, writing templates, etc. So, does it have anything good that could make it worth at least for a trial? Well, there are some plus points.

Daniel Midson-Short

About Focus Writer

A straightforward, noise-free writing environment is FocusWriter. The application uses a hide-away interface that you may access by dragging your mouse to the boundaries of the screen. This keeps the program's appearance and feel familiar while still allowing you to focus entirely on your job. It has been translated into other languages and is available for Windows and Linux. A simple text editing application called Focus Writer was created with folks who are easily distracted in mind. The program enlarges to fullscreen so that you can only see its interface. Focus Writer is open source, multiplatform, and free. It provides real-time statistics for words and paragraphs, dictionary support, tabbed organization, and the option to establish daily goals. The ability to customize the interface's backdrop, text, papers, and other elements with different colors to better fit your needs and foster the ideal writing atmosphere is another of the feature's most intriguing aspects. If you're looking for a solid writing tool, Focus Writer is what you need.

Most popular feedback for Mark Copy

I’ve just tested Mark for one of the article I need to write and I must admit that I am really amazed by its quality and relevance! Of course, it isn’t perfect (and fortunately otherwise we wouldn’t have a job anymore ) but honeslty, the end result is really great ! I am now writing all my articles with Mark!

Camille Dufossez

About Mark Copy

In a nutshell, Mark Copy AI is a copywriting assistant that speeds up the writing process by a factor of three, is friendly to search engine optimization, and contributes to the scaling of a business on a large scale. It receives high marks for the user-friendliness of its interface, as well as for the pricing, benefits, and design of its products (which are said to be updated on a weekly basis), and for the mission of the company itself. Mark Copy will work closely with you and the other members of your team to produce flawless marketing copy. He will provide you with new ideas, different perspectives, and even recommendations regarding SEO so that you never run out of ideas. Work together with your team and Mark to produce faster writing that is of a higher quality and more original. Mark Copy AI is a tool that numerous SaaS companies use to make their lead generation activities as simple and straightforward as possible. It has a number of features and built-in qualities that make it an excellent assistant for new and developing companies. The Writing assistant tool that Mark offers has a straightforward user interface that makes it possible for you to modify and improve the text of your Copy in a straightforward manner that does not involve a number of separate steps. When a company is developing its content with the intention of marketing itself, the most essential component is for the content to be search engine friendly and to be kept search engine optimized. Your content will be optimized by Mark Copy AI to be search engine optimized (SEO) friendly and rank highly on the majority of search engines. Mark Copy AI offers a variety of templates that will make the process of writing much simpler for you. Mark Copy offers an excellent feature for facilitating collaboration among members of a team. There has never been a time when it has been simpler to organize your work, keep your team informed, and increase productivity. It is possible to collaborate with your coworkers in the creation of folders and the organization of documents. You can use tones to your advantage whether you're trying to engage an intelligent audience or you want the tone of your content to be authoritative, conversational, informative, or creative. Your content's tonality can be helped along by tones, which enables you to provide a more personalized experience for your audience. When you upload content, you need to differentiate yourself from everyone else who does so on a daily basis. The tool for detecting instances of plagiarism helps scan documents to determine how authentic your content is and how well it differentiates itself from that of others. The following is a list of the monthly pricing plans for Mark Copy AI: 1. Starter (€49/month), this price is for people and groups who are beginning to write content where you can get 20k words in the starter pack; 2. Basic (€99/month), this price is for people and groups who are beginning to write content; 3. 2. Scale (99 Euros per month), the scale price is for expanding groups that are looking to increase their content production, and with this pricing, you can have access to 50,000 words; 3. Growth (€149/month), the Growth price is for experienced teams that are looking to perform in large quantities, and it includes access to 100k words. There is also an annual plan, in which you will receive a free subscription of two months' duration.

Focus Writer reviews

"Does what it says, and does it well." PROS -It lets you choose a background -It lets you choose your preferred language for spellchecking -It really does let you focus more on your work than everything else -It auto-hides the task-bars, for better concentration -It has themes -It counts words CONS -The default 'typewriter sounds' found under preferences can be very annoying at times, and I found it better to disable it SUMMARY The program does what it says, and does it well. It has a few features of a heavier text editor like OO Writer or MS Word, but it's lightweight like wordpad, but most importantly, you can hide the task-bars to save writing space, instead of having to remove the task-bars which is a pain when you want to change settings.

- Sphint Jan 18, 2011

"Easy to use, no gotchas" PROS - Everything stays out of your way until you need it - Great themes and customization - Portable file formats (Open Document, RTF, plain text) gives you flexibility and choice - Italics and bold actually look like italics and bold, something not always present in other full-screen writing programs CONS - If you don't pay attention, it's easy to miss the menu bar. Just move your mouse pointer to the top of the screen. This isn't really a con, but I'm pointing it out here and in the summary below so that no one else misses it (like the guy that gave this program one star because it had no menu). SUMMARY NOTE: Access the menu bar by moving your mouse cursor to the top of the screen. Everything else is pretty self explanatory. I recommend a good font, such as Deja Vu Sans Mono or Consolas, and choosing a color scheme that's comfortable and readable for long term use. Use a dark background and not-too-bright font faces, bring the font size up a little if you need to, and write.

- S.Hall Aug 27, 2013

"I really like this! I'm glad I found it." PROS This is a small simple program but has great features to help writers. It has the top two things most people want in a word processor; a spell checker and a word counter (counts pages, paragraphs and characters too). It lets you choose your own pictures for the background theme, etc. I like the typewriter sound effect, but it can be turned off if you don't want it. You can set up a word limit per page. I really like that you can set up a daily goal of writing a certain number of words or set up a timer for a certain amount of time allotted for writing. It lets you know what percentage of your daily goal has been met so far. That's cool. CONS None that I can think of. SUMMARY I almost skipped downloading this program because it only has a 2 and a half star rating. Some guy gave it a one star. I'm glad I checked it out for myself because the guy obviously didn't read what the program is about. The whole point is to hide the menu so the writer can focus on writing; hint thus the name of the program "Focus Writer". The program may have been changed since he downloaded it, because now there is a menu that is hidden at the top, but you can get to it and minimize or exit the program without a problem. This is a good program for basic, quick word processing. But it's really great for people who write and want to improve or increase writing skills.

- sandiesays Jan 16, 2012

Mark Copy reviews

Usually it takes me 2 or 3 days to write a blog article. With Mark Copy I do it under an hour !”

- Sandra Stone

As someone that writes copy on a daily basis and knows how time consuming and draining it can be, this product is a lifesaver. Sometimes my brain just isnt operating at full capacity and with marks suggestions and automated understanding of what im writing, it helps to get copy finished.

- Michael Connolly

According to information on the site it stated clearly that it support multiple languages. “ Want to scale in other languages ? Say no more, Mark is available in multiple languages so you can generate high-quality copy worldwide.” - Quote from their website In reality, the support was for English and French. I also have a hard time to see any real benefit with Mark Copy compared to many other GPT-3 content generators. The generated copy was on par with what to expect. A nice UI and UX, but too expensive and lacking features that other offers.

- Anders Ericsson

Pros & cons

Focus Writer

Straightforward user interface
Completely free!
Better Customer Service than any other apps
Can run on Mac, Windows & Linux computers
No writing templates
No way to save previous versions of a copy
Cannot share content and collaborate with others
Traditional ‘Cut and Paste’ method
Limited export formats

Mark Copy

Free trial
Simple to use interface
Various tools are available
Extensive Tutorials
SEO optimization
Support multiple languages
Poor customer service
No free plan

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