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Most popular feedback for Followerwonk

Twitter remains my primary social media platform. But alone, Twitter’s unmanageable. That’s why I use Followerwonk to understand who my audience is, when they are most likely to engage, and to find followers who overlap with similar social profiles and influencers. Its analyze feature – which integrates with Buffer – tells you exactly when to post your most important updates for exposure.

Michael Brenner

About Followerwonk

Followorks is a social media analytics tool specifically designed for Twitter. Followerwonk allows insights into Twitter data, whereby users can identify brand influencers, widen reach, breakdown followers using social authority and enhance follower engagement.

Most popular feedback for MobileMonkey

I really loved it from the very first day. Easy to use and navigate. Many updates, responsive customer support and overall not so many bugs.

Hovhannes P.

About MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is a conversational marketing solution designed to help businesses in real estate, eCommerce, restaurants, automobiles, and other sectors create chatbots to communicate with customers in real-time. The platform enables administrators to contact leads, conduct drip campaigns, schedule messages, share links, and gain visibility across the audience engagement analytics. It also lets businesses automate follow-up and lead routing processes to streamline customer care operations.

Followerwonk reviews

Followerwonk is well-suited for those who are active and at least semi-influential on Twitter. Conversely, it is also very helpful for those just starting out on Twitter as the compare users tab allows for deep comparison to competitors or to those users who you aspire to become more like me in terms of Twitter activity and influence. The many, many analyzation metrics make Followerwonk a very valuable tool for Twitter users looking to grow or just polish their presence, both businesses and individuals alike. I'd recommend Follwerwonk for those who seek to better analyze and refine their social media influence.

- Abby Teunissen

This is a great research and monitoring tool to supplement a social media management tool, but keep in mind that FollowerWonk is only able to examine Twitter data. This platform is great at what it does, and it is a great value-added tool for a Moz pro subscription, which is necessary for anyone serious about SEO.

- Christopher Wilson

I would not recommend Followerwonk to a company who wasn't taking their Twitter strategy seriously. If it's something that receives very little attention or something that isn't being contributed to with any regularity or consistency, there's little need to understand more about your customers and users. However, there if social media is a component that is critical in your industry or in your business, knowledge is the key to success. Followerwonk allows your social media team to have the deep insight they need to make impressions on Twitter. The Followerwonk tool also allows you to become and remain competitive against others in your space by seeing how you stack up against them, who they follow, and what authority they have on Twitter.

- Ryan Williams

MobileMonkey reviews

Fantastic. Not perfect, it has had its glitches and operational problems. When covid hit, I volunteered to help out a number of friends with small businesses up their marketing and social media game. My paying clients are auto dealers with decent marketing budgets. My friends were butchers, bakers and small restaurants with zero budget and little experience. Mobile Monkey made the most out of their budgets and the tips and tricks that [SENSITIVE CONTENT] sends out in his email series is invaluable. It is the tastiest SPAM I have ever received.... though they are relentless in their emailing. Stay subscribed though, you will learn A LOT about marketing on a skinny budget.

- Rick H.

Excellent, easy to use platform to grow your messenger marketing game

- Yolanda H.

I met a businessman at a symposium to discuss change and shrinking supermarket industry. He said he tried everything to increase his sales. nothing worked so far. I asked him for a meeting to discuss his issues. I asked him if he was open to new ways of establishing better communication with customers? He said yes. I shared with him my vision for loyalty through sharing value, listening to customers, segmenting his facebook audience. then i showed him a demo of a chatbot competition. He loved it. We ran his competition for 6 weeks. It worked great. We ran 2 months of our value-based messaging We ran December sales campaign. They shared their sales items 15 days before Christmas and approved of my campaign 13 days before Christmas. I worked feverishly for 3 days to create the campaign and follow up messages. The campaign did not come off as well as I had hoped. But that had nothing to do with MobileMonkey but rather the image and captions I used in the ad.

- Bernadette C.

Pros & cons


Graphical representation of data
Followerwonk does a good job of graphically representing the most active times for your followers
It makes it very easy to be able to make educated business decisions at a glance
Connections with Buffer
The Marketing team utilizes Buffer to schedule social media posts and to analyze interactions with posts
Followerwonk seamlessly integrates with this tool to automatically schedule tweets with the most popular times
This is important for us because as our follower count grows, the usage trends may also change
Followerwonk allows us to stay in front of the most number of people possible
Twitter segmentation
Followerwonk makes finding new, relevant users incredibly easy
By enabling a search feature that combs through Twitter profiles for keywords, I am able to find incredibly relevant users to follow.
I would like to see some additional social media channels other than Twitter
It would be nice to be able to do additional drill-downs on sorted follower lists to help segment followers even further
Having a real-time push to partner applications like Buffer and include some of the Followerwonk data in the Buffer reports.


Easy to use
It gives another opportunity to increase the level of interaction with your audience
It has a great course on mobile messenger marketing.
Software has no option to see the flow of communication
Does not have short codes
Glitchy responses on the bot.

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