GeoGuessr vs Gauthmath

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Category: Homework Help and Tutor
Industries: Education


Basic- Free

Pro - $2.99 per month


Category: Homework Help and Tutor
Industries: Corporate, Business, School


Free Trial - Monthly - $11.99

Monthly - Monthly - $11.99

Ticket Package - One-Time - $10.99

Quarterly - Quarterly - $31.99

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GeoGuessr reviews

GeoGuessr is a fun and addicting game that makes you want to learn. It's easy to navigate but hard to master, making it a game that you'll never get tired of.

- C. Master

Elegant concept: you are placed somewhere in the world in Google Streetview, and need to figure out where you are. Warning: it's addictive!

- C. Ruggles

I love this game! It's so great to "travel the world" and see differences and similarities to where I live.

- A. Thompson

Gauthmath reviews

Definitely not something I would use for help in math. For starters, everytime I try to use this app for a single math problem, it takes way too long just to get an answer and even after you receive it, the answer to the problem comes out wrong which almost cost me my grade several times. There are ads that you can use to skip the wait times but even they are worse since they come up with answers from bots and are unclear almost all the time.

- RogueHunter 135

Eh, not great from my experience. Don't get me wrong, the idea is excellent and the potential is huge! However, the lack of flexibility on this app is frustrating. I submitted a single problem three times and all of them were rejected because it was "not clear enough" when the picture was taken. I wrote my problem carefully on paper... My suggestion is to not rely on this application for help if you're in Calculus or higher. Review will change if the team comes in contact with me.

- Casey Green

My recent time into the app, user before, let me get this straight I used it for a bit recently and I tried some simple algerba stuff, some more advanced ones while adjusting the camera properly. It got most right besides one so I think it's effective but not completely reliable, now I used to use the app when the tickets were free or most were, so yes I do wish they would bring the daily ticket reward since it actually gave me a reason to come back and use the app instead of using another.

- The Raven

Pros & cons


The GeoGuessr game is easy to use
The GeoGuessr is improving with time
Major Bug Fix with each update

The GeoGuessr have to add more battery life
Have to work on bugs
Sometimes slow game play.


If the bot can’t solve it they have tutors they can take care of it so many of them
Get free tickets every time you log in
No ads none of that and it’s all free at your hands guys all you have to

Financial math doesn't get recognized as math
Limit time for tutors to submit responses by at least 30 minutes
Sometimes doesn’t work and you need to take a second photo

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


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