GoalSpan vs Culture Amp

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Category: Performance Management Tool
Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


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Culture Amp

Category: Performance Management Tool
Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


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GoalSpan reviews

It is easy to administer the online system. I went in this year, a little behind schedule, updated my 17 employees information, and scheduled the task of delivering the reviews to our employees and their managers. I used to need assistance for setting up this process, but this year, I was intuitively able to do this myself in less than 15 minutes for email notifications to go out to each person, due to the continual improvements that are being made to the system. I was honestly impressed with how user-friendly it is now. GoalSpan has made a time-consuming , HR duty very easy, if not, enjoyable.

- Lisa Y.

This is a great tool for Managers and Employees to stay on task for company and personal goals. I found the system to be very user friendly for the most part.

- Veronica P.

It is an easy to use, strategic tool that can be customized to fit your company's needs. The customer support has been outstanding. They have helped us in the customization, implementation, training of our employees and working through any user errors or computer glitches .

- Tom D.

Culture Amp reviews

Overall the tool has been amazing from a user's perspective. I'm excited to continue to use especially now that our organization is asking for our opinions on returning to work in the office.

- Gustavo O.

Very poor. I do not understand the high rating of the product as the tool still seems to be in development and does not justify the given price.

- Nicklas T.

The best part of Culture Amp is the part of collecting data through surveys from employees that helps the business in fixing any issues that the company faces through the feedback. The integration with Slack helps a lot by notifying all the activities. The support system is very nice and there is a lot of training available that has helped us a lot to have hands on experience before using the platform

- Mohammad B.

Pros & cons


Simple, Effective Tool for Managing Goals and Performance Evaluations
User-friendly platform that increases the efficiency and quality of all our Reviews
Easy to use.

Setting up the evaluation templates at first can cumbersome since you have to enter information in two different areas
Cannot control when and whether the managers complete their tasks or not
Requires a bit more work to manage and implement.

Culture Amp

They are true thought partners - and that is nearly invaluable
They truly want to have a positive impact on the companies that use their products, and it shows every day
We recently implemented Culture Amp at our organization and I love it
We have been primarily using it for employee engagement surveys
We used it most recently for our global benefits survey and it was very enlightening in terms of what employees would like to see added to our plan vs what benefits they were the least interested in."

Leaders want to see a one pager with data cut several different ways
No analytical skills required to analyse the reports, anyone can read and understand them
The alternative would have been that we simply remained unaware of things that could have potentially boiled over if left unaddressed."

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