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Google Chat

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Category: Communication Tools

Industries: Business, Education



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Most popular feedback for Google Chat

We use Google Chat in our day to day life for communicating personal as well as professional use. It is quite a fast way to interact with someone outside Google mail. It is also good for sharing attachments like pdf, jpg and video etc. It comes in the bundle of Google apps like gmail, drive, meet etc.

Rishi Pal

About Google Chat

Google Chat is a communication and collaboration tool designed specifically for teams that is both intelligent and safe to use. Chat makes it easy to do work wherever a conversation is taking place by facilitating everything from ad hoc messaging to cooperation on topic-based workstreams. • Group collaboration that enables for the development of Google Workspace content and its distribution (Docs, Sheets, and Slides) without the need to worry about assigning access to individual users. • It is much simpler to get work done thanks to features such as shared documents, tasks, and events; side-by-side editors; and one-click scheduling, meetings, and document production. • Functionality similar to that of Google Search, with additional choices to narrow your results to discussions and information that you've already shared; Ready for Enterprise use, with all of the security and access controls offered by Google Workspace, such as Data Loss Prevention, Compliance, Admin Settings, Vault Retention, Holds, Search, and Export.

Most popular feedback for JivoChat

Easy to get started right away. JivoChat just works right out of the box. It integrates all my social media channels and helps us handles all the chats with customers much more easily. The buillt-in CRM and team chat are perfect to complment with the Livechat and integrated inbox features. What really impressed me the most that I felt in love with JivoChat was that I was having some serious issues with the FB Business Suite app on all android phones at our office while iOS ones were ok. Anyway, I gave JivoChat a try and it just fixed my problems and more! I had to come here to review immediately. Oh the mobile apps work perfectly also.

Natapol S.

About JivoChat

JivoChat is an enterprise omnichannel messenger designed to let teams communicate with customers wherever they are. Engage with visitors through live chat, Facebook, voice services, email, and mobile with JivoChat, and you'll never miss another website conversion. You can receive all of your clients' messages in a single Agent App thanks to JivoChat's omnichannel architecture, which keeps you organized. Website conversion rates also improve as a result of proactive invitations that draw in site users and allow you to offer the greatest customer service while continually generating new leads. Interested? To start boosting your internet sales right away, follow these steps: 1. Create an account on Jivochat by visiting 2. Add the script code for JivoChat to your website. 3. After downloading the app, decide whether you or your entire team will be available to communicate with clients. 4. Integrate other channels of communication that you'd like to employ to speak with your clients using Jivo (Facebook, Viber, Telegram, mobile, etc.) 5. Obtain crucial data about your visitors in real-time (names, social media profiles, the duration of their visit, the page they are currently on, etc.). *NEW* JivoChat is portable. Take a look at these innovative smartphone features: JivoChat signup; Multi-agent conversations, where users may now invite other coworkers to chat; Common shorthand; File transfer; Visitor monitoring; Message archive; Colleague chat; Reminders; Visitor monitoring; More than 270k online businesses use JivoChat to enhance customer communication. A FREE Live Chat, yes, but there's more. An all-inclusive communication solution that will make your online store a sales machine! Visit to begin turning visitors into customers.

Google Chat reviews

This replacement for Hangout and Allo is sub par at best. I can't manually delete messages like I can with any other app. I also have to manually open each image one at a time to both send and view instead of selecting multiple to upload or swiping between images that were sent. This feels like a junior ancillary project from Google instead of a well fleshed out and developed app. It's predecessors we're superior. That being said, I do like the ability to multi emoji react to a message.

- Alex

Nice update for Google Hangouts which is going away at any time. Hangout's used to be nearly an all in one for communication, but Google stripped a lot of the functionality for no particular other than they were introducing other apps that ended up dying on the vine. This is the replacement. Fairly basic, functional and the UI is slightly better than Hangout's. I hope Google continues to work with it instead of letting it go after 6-12 months. Right now I like it.

- Rob W

Again, updates have fixed nothing about this terrible app. Stay away from this if you have any other alternatives. Very buggy and dropped notifications. Unable to go direct video call in app, requires a separate app. Too much friction. Unable to open URLs in a separate browser, links open up in the app, which is a dumb idea.

- Hoanglong Nguyen

JivoChat reviews

The app is great. It works perfectly from the background and pops up as at when needed.

- Odusanya Adedeji

Pretty excellent so far. Hope the free version is good after trial ends...

- Paul Lee

I love the App, the interface is user-friendly and very easy to access

- Shabs Fàzi Samde

Pros & cons

Google Chat

Create internal/operational efficiencies
Enhance decision making
Improve business process agility.
Text boxes have an aggravating way of resizing itself
Inability to dock the conversation list
Conversations can jump around quite often.


You get a 14 day free trail
You have to have super great support
Keeps track of the users
You can only assign chats to online users
No auto-message
UI is a bit plain and somewhat dated.

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