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Grammarly Business

Category: Writing Tool

Industries: Education, Enterprises, Organizations, Teams

Bliss Board

Category: Writing Tool

Industries: Business, Education



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Most popular feedback for Grammarly Business

I was originally looking at Grammarly Business just for our social and content teams, but then I realized that it helps our broader business communicate better—and stay aligned on messaging, product terminology, and tone of voice. Now our marketing team has Grammarly Business, and we also make it available to any customer-facing employees.

Rhonda Hughes

About Grammarly Business

A gorgeous OS X note-taking app for Evernote is called Alternote. It provides you with a lovely and practical space to write your texts, essays, or blog entries using Evernote's synchronization features. It includes a lovely user interface that won't take your attention away from the content, quick search, and a dark theme for night owls.

Most popular feedback for Bliss Board

This app is very helpful to me, I searched a long time for get an app like this, I have a request, please do it, can you please change the blinking into typing (means letters will come to the screen one by one)... Please do it.. Please..

Fidha Nasrin

About Bliss Board

Ever wanted your device to show a message in full screen mode? much like a billboard? You should use this app. snag a person at the airport. Take a cab. Send a message out to the crowd. Create a slideshow of messages. Play games with your pals. This program makes it simple to show a message in full screen mode: just write your message, press the launch button, and it will appear. You can also make a slideshow with multiple messages by selecting the "+" icon and adding additional messages. When in fullscreen mode, swipe the screen left or right to navigate to the previous or next message, depending on whether you are in manual mode. The messages will be shown sequentially in automated mode. Features: - A toggle button lets you choose between automatic or manual display mode. - In full screen mode, you can use the volume controls to adjust the text size. - Change backdrop color, time between messages, text color, text font (droid, led, chalk, archistico), and text font in automated mode. - Switch on blinking - Post a screenshot of a message In fullscreen mode, the lock screen is deactivated.

Bliss Board reviews

Best app of its kind (I've tried a bunch). Smallest footprint and the best features (fonts, colors, swiping between messages), and FREE! But the UI could use a polish (e.g. instead of trying to do all editing on one screen, have thumbnails of each saved message, with an X to delete and a pencil to edit, then fonts and colors appear in that edit screen), and some features are not self-explanatory (pinch-zoom to make the message fit the screen instead of fitting automatically).

- Rob Bl

Your application rates a solid 5* and I'm happy to report, a keeper on our devices. It really shows well in a tablet. I have a suggestion for a major improvement and one noted error. The program needs a function for rotating an image. Lastly, on the same screen, the proper spelling is "gallery". Thanks! UPDATE: A solid 5* rating for a great/useful program. Image rotation addition is fantastic. Your review reaction is a 10*! Love the program.

- A Google user

i love this application. Used it to communicate with my mom who cannot hear so well. Love the recent improvements. My mother tends to touch the screen as she reads. Now, when she touch the message screen, it does not suddenly jump back to the message editing screen. Hard to tell her not to touch the screen when reading. Now, it's ok. Thanks you for making such a good application!

- A Google user

Pros & cons

Bliss Board

Easy swipes between messages
Appropriate fonts
The program needs a function for rotating an image
No thumbnails of each saved message
Some features are not self-explanatory

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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